Prison Radio
Omar Askia Ali

My name is, uh, my given name is Edward Sistrunk. My Islamic name is Omar Askia Ali which I’m knowing more by. My topic this day is about a billboard set up in Pennsylvania, across the state of Pennsylvania, so that we can give additional exposure through the bill that was introduced by Jason Dawkins, House Bill 135, for the purpose of parole eligibility for life-sentence prisoners in the state of Pennsylvania.

Most states in America provide parole eligibility for life-sentence prisoners. Pennsylvania is one of the few states without the opportunity for parole. Therefore, an [inaudible] has been established with the Human Rights Coalition, 4135 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104,, for the purpose to defray the cost of $1,000 for a 10 x 22 billboard, which will promote additional wherever awareness of House Bill 135, which gives life-sentence prisoners an opportunity who have served 15 years parole. The billboard will be leased from

Recently State Senator Sharif Street has introduced legislation- legislation, a companion bill to House Bill 135 introduced by State Representative Jason Dawkins. We are appealing to the court of public opinion. That we would appreciate your input and helping us raise the finances that we, uh, in this endeavor to erect billboards with the information about House Bill 135 all over the state of Pennsylvania.

Thank you very much.