Prison Radio
Omar Askia Ali

My name is Omar Askia Ali, a.ka Edward Sistrunk. I’m housed at SCI Coal Township in Pennsylvania.

The topic today is the virus. Currently, the percentage of the Coronavirus at SCI Coal Township is small. However, it’s still harmful to both the prison staff and the prison population. Adding to the concern of the virus are the parole violators being brought to this facility directly from the street.

This concern towards the virus is the fact that, when smoking was committed, the filters and the ventilator system were not secure enough to provide protection to the populous who didn’t smoke. Thereby the variants with the virus only enhance the concern, because the droplets from sneezing are air bound.

And if the ventilator system didn’t keep the tobacco smoke secure, how can prisoners be assured we are not at further risk for variants via the ventilator system with inadequate filters. I assure you, there is wonderment whether the virus was another means for society to rid itself of black people, since the prison system is somewhat parallel to the outer society, primarily with black people.

And credence can be given for concerns for the virus by utilizing historical data from institutionalized diabolical schemes, such as the all-white juries, which are utilized to convict black people nationwide in court.

The diabolical scheme is parallel to the Tuskegee Syphilis experiments on Black people. And it’s well known that white supremacy don’t mind eradicating other whites to maintain power. History and recent history attest to that.

Fraternally yours, Omar Askia Ali. Thank you.