Prison Radio
Omar Askia Ali

The truth and nothing but the truth. In an article in the Philadelphia Tribune, page nine eight, one ten twenty entitled: Tyler Perry Hides From Conviction Integrity Program. The reporters, Pamela Kirkman and Michelle Copper, write that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was unjustly incarcerated more than 29 times during his lifetime.

And not once did any district attorney or any prosecutor make one step forward to assist Dr. King or to exonerate him. Prosecutorial neglect happens a great deal of times. Take for instance, the ex-Central Park Five, there was gross prosecutorial misconduct. However, the prosecutor, Linda Fairstein—who has faced sharp public criticism for her role in the Central Park Five rape case—she received 1000 to Senator Amy Klobuchar’s presidential campaign.

However, the [inaudible] contribution was returned after it drew press scrutiny, after the release of Netflix limited series, “When They See Us.” The mini series dissected the story of the wrongfully conviction of five Black and Latino teenagers who have been accused of raping and beating a white female jogger in Central Park in 1989. The men were then exonerated in 2002.

So as to fill up the Tribune, one seven twenty, page eleven eight. Miss Fairstein, like a number of prosecutors in America, has never apologized or supported a victims’ compensation fund for their prosecutorial gross neglect. That prompt life, death and that’s the astronomical prison system. Although there’s a [could not parse] that the DA’s have been in partnership with a segment of corrupt law enforcement.

They keep prisons overcrowded and become— and because prisons are big business. And the longer the prison sentence it is a businessman’s dream because a stationary clientele is big business, and the rich get richer. There are no rich people in prison, only poor people. Therefore, when any prisoner is able to obtain their freedom, he or she should do everything possible to open a business or get a job.

And when one finds themselves in prison, they should take up everything possible to enhance their leverage. And [inaudible] never, ever return to prison. There once one is able to undergo this simple psychological slavery of misconceptions. And transcend this abnormal behavior and achieve one’s purpose in life.

In spite of difficulties, we can become a productive asset in the endeavor to eradicate the ills in our society. My name is Omar Askia Ali, AKA Edward Sistrunk. Thank you very much.

(Sound of a cell door closing.) These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.