Prison Radio
Omar Askia Ali

“The Commutation Process.”

The Pennsylvania commonwealth spends 40,000 a year per incarcerated person.

According to the Secretary of Corrections, John Wetzel, the aging population has led to increase in the Department of Corrections’ medical calls. Some of the inmates had bad—have had massive strokes, glaucoma and other ills. Some of the population are wheelchair bound and others with missing limbs. Since the secretary of department of corrections has quoted the costs of 40,000 per person incarcerated in Pennsylvania, and the taxpayer has to flip tens of millions of dollars a year, the taxpayers should pay attention to what the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania John Fetterman has to say, pertaining to clemency for inmates who have proven that they are good candidates for commutation.

He has even taken a more proactive approach and asked the Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Advocacy to conduct an audit of the population to figure out who might be good candidates for commutation. He states also that our laws are based in Judeo-Christian principles and one of the tenets of that system is the power of redemption and forgiveness. And that process has been all but extinct. American civil liberties states that prisoners who are wrongly imprisoned and convicted of a crime that they actually did not commit. They should be able to sue.

Thank you very much. My name is Omar Askia Ali. I’m housed in Coal Township in the state prison in Pennsylvania.

(Sound of a cell door closing.) These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.