Prison Radio
Omar Askia Ali

My name is Omar Askia Ali. I’m at SCI Coal Township in Pennsylvania, and my topic today is on white men are allowed to stand on the steps of a government building in protest of their liberties being stepped on unchallenged by law enforcement. They also burned down Black Wall Street in Tuscaloosa, Oklahoma; its destruction by white mobs, which included over 300 black people being killed. However, none of them went to prison.

Racist disparities expect the circumstances of black people in America: the Coronavirus and the healthcare of black people in America among other disparities, which also include the all-white jury, which is supposed to be unconstitutional, because the United States Supreme Court has ruled that this draconian, premeditated illegal move is synonymous to a high-tech lynching.

However, DAs all over America do use this scheme, circumventing the high courts’ ruling and rendering it impotent. My book, “The Truth and Nothing But The Truth” contains the manual that DAs all over America utilize to train other DAs. You can touch 2158885200 for any of the information pertaining to the manual. Utilize, fix all-white juries. Thank you very much.