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Omar Askia Ali

Okay, my name is Edward Sistrunk AKA Omar Askia Ali. A commutation seminar was held at SCI Coal Township with 140 prisoners. Some with life sentences and others with [inaudible] sentences. The secretary of the Board of Pardon, Brian Flood, along with Samantha Colton Johnson, who was with the Lieutenant Governor’s office, and George Trudel, a commuted lifer after 31 years in prison, who also can be contacted at the Lieutenant Governor’s office, and Duane Hackett, who is a Department of Corrections legislative liaison, all addressed to prisoners in attendance.

This process for commutation was just about [inaudible] board as the commuted life sentence prisoner that committed a sensational crime exactly 25 years ago. However, Secretary Flood, and you can see an article on Secretary Flood in the Philadelphia Daily News pertaining to Mr. Flood, Monday the eighth, 2019 page 11. It gives an insightful perspective on Mr. Flood. What is perhaps most remarkable about Mr. Flood’s appointance is his personal experience with the criminal justice system in Pennsylvania. Years ago, he spent nine years in prison after conviction for a firearm violation and for possession with intent to deliver cocaine. A few weeks before the appointment, Governor Wolf pardoned Flood.

Importantly, Flood has made efforts to reassure the public that he will be an advocate for victims as well as those convicted of crime. During the Q&A session, I informed the board that I was currently before The Philadephia DA Conviction Integrity Unit, the State Superior Court, and the New York Innocence Project. Therein when I was asked would I have to rescind my other endeavors to obtain my freedom because of a conflict of interest, Mr. Flood said no. This is why I’m filing for commutation.

Thank you very much.

(Sound of a cell door closing.) These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.