Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

I’m so sick of feeling like this. When no one is sitting here trying to help me, they just take everything from me. It’s hard with this little, this two legged walker they got me on. And then they can joke about it, like, This is wrong, y’all took everything from me. I’m telling the doctor. Every week how I’m feeling and look at me. I’m just swelling, my chest, my heart is not doing good. I’m trying to tell then. They see it because my heart rate been high. Blood pressure is being high. My fingernails is like purple, bluish black. I’m like, what is going on? Oh, like, look at this, look at my ears. Look how I’m being.

It’s affecting me. And they keep on saying, Oh, it’s all right. And it doesn’t matter what a little mile. I bet it’s in anybody. Don Jones. I told her today. Look at me. I pulled my socks off. Like my feet been leaking fluid. Look at me. I’m not doing good. Oh, the mold is in everybody. Oh, it’s just a little bit. It’s not going to harm me. Like pretty much like Brushing it off. Like I’m telling her like I have an allergy to it, allergic to mold. I can’t be in housed in it and you got it in black and white and y’all still, still covering it up. 

Woke me up on Sunday at three in the morning. 3:50 in the morning time, I’ll get up and pack up and go to healthcare to test me for Covid. When they know that I told them I call with them, I kind of told them how this mold is affecting me. They try to make it turn around, try to lock me up. Come on, Covid. When they know it’s not Covid. These people are doing anything, everything to me. Tortures, but they doing everything like I told them about my headache.

Lord, Jesus. This is wrong. What they doing here? They don’t care. The warden. Ms. Washington, she’s in on it. They all in on it. She got so many letters that help Karen Lansing. Them busmen, they only got letters that said this is not right, what’s going on. And no response. I read them, I wrote them up, no response.

Like they, and they keep on telling me, oh, you’re walking, it’s fine. We watch you on camera. John Jones and Dr. Ellis time. Oh, we listen to all your phone calls like this is the doctors and nurses. How is they allowed to even do this? They’re not supposed to even look at no cameras. What is going on?

And then the specialist wants to see me and set it up a visit. And Don Jones, the nurse. And, she, uh, the director of nursing stopped it and told them, no, that they couldn’t see me. She, how she allowed to do that over a doctor that I should have been seeing. They told me I should be supposed to see them every six months.

I haven’t been put in to see them since last year, January, like I’m trying my body. My heart, it’s affecting my heart. I still have to try to do things, because if I don’t do that, what’s going to happen? I need, I need, yo, I’m telling them, like, this doctor won’t let, they won’t let nobody else see me, but this doctor, here, he’s stopping all my appointments, he gets, he is a creature, like an innate evil in here, and I told him, and you know that my results is in black and white, y’all, how can you just stop it, and you see it, it’s on my body, you see how bad it is, and you can’t stop it.

Like, and not put me on anything! This is all a cover up! I’m telling y’all, I don’t know how much longer my body’s gonna take before it’s sent to hell. These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.