Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

The U.S. Presidential elections are over a year from now, but if you relied on national media accounts, you’d think that they were all but imminent.

But this isn’t the elections; it’s like an obstacle course, a year ahead- a fest for the wealthy, the well-connected or those with moneyed support.

It’s long, and expensive, not for the voters – but for the funders – those who buy or rent candidates, to serve the interests of capital – not the people.

If recent elections have proven nothing, they have proven this: those candidates are chosen to betray the electorate, and to serve Wall Street and the corporate elite. Few did this better than Bill Clinton; a master politician; a master betrayer.

Blacks worshipped him as ‘the first Black president’ – even as he savaged their interests to placate racist white fears and anxieties. He drove a stake into the middle class by supporting NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), and exporting jobs abroad that never could be replaced.

That fealty to Wall Street was duplicated during the terms of Barack Hussein Obama, and Blacks lost more wealth during his administration than at any time since reconstruction.

Only belatedly, in his last months, has Obama addressed the horrors of the racist prison system – and – pushed by protest, has begun to half-heartedly address the unrelenting scourge of police violence against Blacks.

Voting hasn’t been our solution; it’s empowered forces that have exacerbated our problems, while fastening new chains over our existence.