Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Krystal Clark. My inmate number is 435064. I’m in WHV, the valley of death.

This prison is terrible. A couple of weeks ago, I don’t know, I was telling you [inaudible] came up here, a couple people had came up here and they seent a couple of us, I was telling her what was going on and they was looking at my body and everything, swelling, I was swelling my face and everything. Make a long story short, Deputy Allen and Deputy [inaudible], I do believe they was out there, and I told these ladies I said, “Soon as I leave out of here, they gon’ retaliate against me.”

So Deputy Allen started talking all kinds of stuff saying she was the boss, she get the orders and everything. So I saw her about a week ago and I was explaining to her like, “Since this had happened, they made me miss my med run to go to the hospital.” I’m still waiting, every time it’s time for me to go to the hospital, they are making me miss my appointments and this is done intentionally. This is not no mistake. I’m sick of this.

I’mm having really trouble breathing like, barely can sleep, like I say I’m still trying to eat, I try to force myself, my face is still like I had a stroke, no one is speaking out, no one said- and I’m leaking fluids out my ears, and now my left ear started like really like- Like what’s it gon’ take? What is it gonna take?

Today I just see a doctor, doctor see me. The nurse was nurse [inaudible]. You know, she was nice at first. I go in the room. She said, “We here to exam you.” I said, “You know, I bleed blood clots, I’ve been waiting on somebody to see me for this.” She said “Well, you gon’ have to [inaudible]. I say I’m not refusing nothing. I said, “You can’t you can’t do this, you know, because we bleeding blood clots, so we going to the doctor,” the doctor like “She’s right, we can’t exam her nothing.”I told him about my chest, the senses is getting worse, they like- they hurt really bad. So he go in there, she tell me to- give me a little gown, I take off, you know, the gown for him to exam me. She got mad, real mad, at me, this is my body, like why is you so mad and leave me in there with this man by myself, he examing my breasts, knowing that ain’t need for it to happen?

So I run to Deputy Jackson and I explained it to her, she said she gonna take care of it. Nothing’s gonna be done, like you sit there and thinking mad at me because I won’t sign a paper that made me look bad? And this is my health that y’all been just neglecting me? Like I want to be back myself. I didn’t come in here like- I don’t want to lose my life like these people lose they life. Y’all just sitting up here acting like every time y’all see me- every time y’all see me you’re saying this is gonna happen, somebody’s gonna see me just to get me out of y’all actual face. Nothing is happening, like nothing is done. My back [inaudible] my ears and my throat.

And everybody else I’m talking to, they downplaying this, and I’m sick of them laughing and joking. Every time, like I say, people want to talk to me, I’m laughing and joking, but when I tell them that I’m sick and I need help, it’s all [inaudible] I gotta fake like a nothing wrong with me. Like this stuff is eat me up, this mold, this place, this water, everything. I had bad periods. I’ve been on so many antibiotics due to the warden. I’m tired, like I’m tired of this, like enough is enough, like it could be yours- it could be- why am I getting treated like this? I’ve been waiting years.

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