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Khalfani Malik Khaldun

Today, I would also like to share a few updates about my medical condition.

You know, back in November 4th of 2022, I encountered a bad situation where I was on a trip to go get a cyst on my face examined to be possibly removed. On my way to this trip, it took four hours to get there, I went through a series of triggers where I was forced to hold my urine, and the urine started to bag up in my system, and it affected my kidneys and my prostate, as well as my bladder. I knew that something was wrong because it felt like somebody was pulling and cutting at bladder, and I tried to hold it as long as I could, but on my way back to the prison that day on November 4, all I could think about was seeing the nurse because I was hurting.

I asked the officers, the transporters, who was taking me to the trip and back, could they stop, to the point that the pain was so severe in my body, that I literally was begging these guys to stop the van so that I could release my bladder. My cry and plea fell on deaf ears, and they began to laugh at me and they turned up the volume. They told me that they couldn’t stop and they wouldn’t stop. They turned up the music, turned up the air conditioner, and they ignored me completely.

That is a serious struggle that I’ve had to come to terms with because by the time I got back to the prison and back to all the nurses, they also didn’t really try to understand what I was going through. It was one nurse, she didn’t really know what was going on, so I explained to them that my bladder, something in my stomach was killing me. So she examined me, basic things, vitals, took my blood pressure, all that was good. She listened to my stomach and told me I was good to send me back to the cell.

Well, from November 4 to December 22, every night from that day to 22nd, I went through a series of urinating on myself at night to the point where I couldn’t even feel it. Every time I went to sleep, I was overwhelmed with urinating on myself. When I woke up, my sheets, my clothing I had on, everything was drenched in urine and I couldn’t even feel it. So I know that day I injured my bladder, and it got so bad, and I was receiving so much fluids that my legs and my feet swelled tremendously.

I began to panic a little bit and I talked to the medical staff, and I explained to them that something was really wrong, so they began to take a series of blood tests to try to locate the possibilities, and they never really explained to me anything other than it located some white blood cells in my urine and that possibly I had a UTI or some type of infection in my body. You know, on December 22, that night, I was called out by a nurse, and after she took my vitals, she said my blood pressure was so high that I almost went into cardiac arrest, so they rushed me out to the hospital.

Long story short, I stayed in the hospital for like three weeks, and it was determined that my bladder had three holes in it, and they started to bleed as they began to remove- they removed like six liters of retained urine stuck inside of my body. And as the stomach shrunk, the blood vessels in my stomach started to bleed, so I have blood coming through my urine, and my prostate was bleeding as well because it is enlarged due to the infection as a bag of urine inside my body began to attack my organs. And the doctors noticed that I was in acute kidney failure, renal failure as well.

Since then, I have had checkups, I’ve been released from the hospital, and I’m starting to feel better. They told me that I could possibly, as a man 53 years old, that I could be in stage three of renal failure—my kidneys were failing on me. So I’m taking medications and I’m starting a workout now. But my main issue is that I have a catheter still in my body because of my bladder was so distorted and disrupted that I could not urinate properly anymore.So I had two catheters, and one was in at the 22nd and I had it in for 48 days, but I went to see my urologist, they removed it, and five days later, I had to be rushed back to the hospital because I couldn’t release the urine on March 3, and on March 3, they had to insert another catheter. So from March 3 to now, I feel, walking around, uncomfortable with a catheter.

But my life is starting to get back on track. I’m feeling strong, I’m feeling better. The remaining problem is that I have to get the catheter removed. So I want to give y’all some updates and let y’all know that I’m doing okay. I’m back to working out, and I’m feeling better. They got me on a diet, a low sodium diet, and I’m starting to feel better, and like I said, so I’m happier. And as soon as I go see my urologist, they’re gonna remove the catheter. Hopefully everything start back to working normally. I also have an appointment to have a biopsy to ensure that I don’t have cancer, prostate cancer, which I don’t think I have, but we’re gonna do a prostate biopsy anyway.

So I hope that this satisfies a lot of inquiries about Khalfani Malik khaldun’s health beliefs. With your prayers and your support and your continued love, I’ve made it through, and god has put me all the way through. With all prayers and love, I appreciate it.My blessings of love and peace to y’all, and continue y’all support, don’t give up on me. All power to the people. I send my love to all my comrades male and female, and gotta take care of y’all self.

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