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Khalfani Malik Khaldun

Good afternoon. This is brother Khalfani Malik Khaldun, Indiana political prisoner, Indiana voice of the voiceless, calling in from Westville Correctional Unit. I have a open letter to my grandchildren that I would like to share with the people in a revolutionary manner, “Real Black Love: A Message to My Grandchildren.”

My lovely grandchildren, I pray that my words reach your hands to find that each of you are all doing fine. I have never stood a single day in the free world with any of you. When my son Deion, yall’s father, was born, I was just coming to prison, at the young age of 17. I am now fighting with all of my might to get out of here so that I can play a positive and qualitative role in each of your lives. My love for you is real and I have loved you from the day you all were born. I will never stop loving any of you, so please don’t forget that. I recently shared my love and I lent you some money, and I’ll be sending the rest of you some money at today’s call.

Grandchildren, I think of you every day hoping that your mothers are being resourceful and ensuring that you all are safe and healthy out there. I am looking forward to when I can come home together and be one big loving family under the same roof, laughing and having fun like a grandfather is supposed to do with his grandchildren. I respect your mothers for being single mothers out there in this country raising my son’s grandchildren. But I’m disappointed that none of them kept their word and their promise made to me the day I spoke to them on your father’s funeral. They promised to keep you all in my life. Now, that’s what I came to say, because they didn’t keep their word.

Children, I am sure you all miss your father. He was my only son, and, yes, I miss him like crazy as well. Deion created six beautiful blessings from God. So we keep your father’s legacy alive inside of us by taking care of one another, by never forgetting to express how much we love one another, by being good to the people around us who we know are responsible for your well being. The people who are responsible for Deion not being here with us any longer are being punished by God as we speak.

I used to call your nana Kim to get updates on all of you. I have stopped calling her now because of some inconsistencies with her boyfriend having a complex with me calling. So I stopped doing that. But I will start to reach out to each one of you and call you; you know, probably every two weeks to check up on you and make sure that each one of you are developing well and doing good in school.

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I want to start a correspondence with each and every one of you when the time is right. [Unintelligible]. They can set up an account on under my name, Leonard McQuay, 874304. Once it’s done, we all can stay in touch by email and messaging. [???], you are the oldest of my grandchildren, so I’m going to put you in charge and hope that you will stay in touch with me by letting me know how your little sisters and your little brothers are hanging on.

Y’all take care of y’all selves and I want y’all to know that I love y’all, and I cherish every day the love that y’all have shared with me. You are all special. You are my son’s children, so you are my children as well. I have embraced you with my love, my concern, so stay strong. Keep holding on to each other. Stay in touch with one another, and I will do my best to take care of y’all from where I’m at now. Whatever y’all need, y’all reach out to me and I will do my best to send whatever it is that y’all need. Take care, I love you, and you will always be my family,

Your grandfather, brother Khalfani Malik Khaldun–also known as, to you, you grandfather Leonard. I love y’all, and take care.

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