Prison Radio
Khalfani Malik Khaldun

Hello, my name is Malik. I am calling this afternoon from Westville Correctional. I would like to share a couple of my poems with you and maybe a little commentary to update you on my medical situation. All power to the people. This is brother Khafani Malik Khaldun, Indiana voice of the voiceless.

“Facing your beauty.”

You was very, you were my very first love, from 1 to 17, you taught me everything that inhabits above. You was my first love. When you were taken away from me, I got lost, my whole world was confused, and I needed you back at any cost. You had me chasing you and your beauty. Nothing and no one could replace you. We were like two kids in love. So until we meet again, my love, I will pray to God to send you back to me. I can’t eat, drink, or sleep without you next to me or in my life. You will be my wife the next time I see you, but for now, I will be chasing your beauty. Freedom.

Number two: “Home to you.”

Once the prison gates closes, our journey for freedom ignites the fire in our belly. To freedom. The struggles we encounter teaches us to believe and endure as if we will be with those we love tomorrow even if tomorrow looks like it will never come. We still believe that freedom is in our back. Our hearts never sleep, our bodies only lay around in moments of lethargic rest, never wanting to slip mentally and counted amongst the lost souls of broken men and boys. Never stop believing in me or us. We are coming back home to you.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.