Prison Radio
Khalfani Malik Khaldun

On November 4, 2022, I got hurt –                   

You Showed me Openly My Pain –

Pain that Day Became Your Financial Gain –

In the Back Seat of Your White Van I Experienced the Throws of  My Death –

Screaming to You for Help – My Agony Became Your Enjoyment and Sadistic Pleasure –

Your Indifference to My Pain –

Could Have Killed Me…..

   “Wounded By Your Indifference”

   You were the Transporters –

Partners to in-compassion –

Witnesses to my Trauma…..

   That Day I Died a little Inside –

Due to Your UN -Professionalism –

And Political Indifference…..

By: Khalfani malik Khaldun,

(Leonard B. McQuay),


5501 South 1100 West,

Westville, IN. 46391