Prison Radio
Torrey Braxton

How’s it going everybody, all the viewers or listeners out there. My name is Torrey Braxton. My inmate number is 313197. I’m currently incarcerated in the Michigan Department of Corrections.

I get out of prison this year, and this is where I’m kinda seeking the listener’s help. If anybody out there from the state of Michigan or abroad, any state for that matter, can look up some resources or find some resources that will help me transition back into society.

I’m leaving prison, and of course, I’m gonna be in the state of Michigan. So if any listeners happen to be listening and you can come up with some resources on- send me information on how to get jobs and all that type of stuff, maybe assisted living or something, things to that nature, it would be badly needed.

If any listener out there got some resources or something, you could hit me up on I got plenty of stamps, so you don’t gotta worry about having to provide me with stamps or none of that stuff; I got my own money and all that good stuff. But what I don’t have is the resource is to return to society with.

So it’s been like a rough patch here and there since I’ve been in prison. I spent multiple years in segregation. But hey, I got good spirit, good mind, and I’m ready for society, ready to explore the world. I was a teenager when I came to prison, and now I’m in my early forties, forty to be exact.

Any listeners out there can provide me with any resources or anything, please attempt to make contact with me through JPay. Torrey Braxton, 313197, Michigan Department of Corrections.

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