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Krystal Denise Clark, my inmate number is 435064 in WHV, the valley of death.

This is a shame here. It’s terrible. I’m get a lot of harassing, retaliating today. I’ve been- every day I’ve been helping with the unit, trying to get the people together, collecting, you know, going around collecting soap, all pitch in to get people who don’t have things, you know, just doing a little deed, like I- getting harassed for that.

Today Sergeant Stones was here, came up, the inmate asked me a question, and so I’m talking to the inmate, I said, maybe we need to- I was going to talk to Heidi Washington, write her in the government. She went off on me, talking about she feels threatened, and made me go in my room for two hours. I say, how you feel threatened, I’m not even talking to you. I say I’m allowed- if I can talk about Heidi Washington and governor, I could tell them what I want to tell them, it ain’t about you, so she called the control center on me. They made me go in my room for two hours.

It was so wrong, so bold what they are doing to me, and I’m tired of it. I’m so tired. So they’re gonna send me to seg cause feels threatened, because I’m out here helping the inmates, I’m telling the world what’s going on, speaking the truth, because they are killing us in here and covering it up. Everything I do, they want to harass me, send me to the room, or threaten with seg. They can talk to me any kind of way when I stand up for myself and stand up for others. That’s what they do to me- or try to write me up. This is wrong.

I haven’t did nothing to them, healthcare, the doctors is not seeing me, I’m sitting up here still swole from head to toe, my ear is so gross, like it’s terrible, no hearing still. Everybody else y’all [inaudible] appointment, I’m sitting here just suffering. This is wrong, this is bold, totally bold. And I’m not gonna stop talking, I’m not gonna stop fighting. I shouldn’t have to.

If y’all do the right thing, it shouldn’t be nothing to talk about. If you’re doing your job right, I should have nothing to report. Like I speak the truth and stand up and you talking about I need to stop telling stuff and stop getting on the phone talking? I’m never gonna do that until they stop me and take every breath out of my body. This is wrong. Like I said, y’all, they are covering up these deaths. They are covering up this place. I’m always hearing a little feedback from the people’s little comments because they know they listen to the station. But if you are doing the right thing, I’m not talking about you, so stop coming for me, leave me alone, and do the right thing and get me help, before I’ve been loss my life in here.

You sitting up here, you can see the change in me, you can see the difference in me, why you not trying to help me and do the right thing and making me sick or like stressing me out with it, like leave me alone and get us the help. This is so much in hear, like I’m tired of it, I’m tired of- I ran for unit rep because the ladies love me, and I help, I do a lot for them- you know- how to come together and try to change something. We need help in here.

People going months and weeks without medication that they need, people [inaudible], like this is terrible, and then they want to blame me for everything. Why are you blaming me, it’s not my fault that this place is killing us and y’all just letting it? And then y’all want to harass and retaliate and do this and won’t see me at the doctor, won’t send me to doctor, won’t do anything I asked, this is wrong! But the next person could walk right in my face and you talk to him?

This is sad, this is really sad. People were sitting up there in [inaudible] sick is dying, and y’all can change it and and do something about it, why are you always not doing nothing about it? This is sad. I just wanted to update y’all. This is a lot going on, I had to get my mask on because I’m just tired of these people, like they trying to bring me down, they want me to- they just want me to fail, but I’m not, I’m gonna stay on my head up high and just still report everything I can.

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