Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi my name is Krystal Denise Clark my inmate numbers 435064. I mean WHV, the valley of death. This has been going on too long now, too long, how they are playing with my life and how they doing me. This is unbelievable. My face is still swol, my ears are still leaking, my eyes is infected. I had to wear these glasses to cover it up. The supervisor Magnetar (?), whatever her name is, she’s been harassing me, retaliating from day one. Now all the nurses over there is doing the same. So happened one nurse saw me Sunday thank God that Doctor Ellis had said it was a demon in my ear so to use Vaseline. I couldn’t even eat and move. She called me, got me over there on Sunday. And see me, she looked in my right ear and she said it’s so nasty and infected in there so bad. She called the on-call doctor. He gave me some antibiotics which I’ve been taking pure antibiotics for a long time but they she got me some pain shots and some antibiotics. She didn’t even have to do that but she did her job. That just gets to show you how to the doctor is giving false information about my health in the computer because they trying to cover up my mold allergy they trying to cover up and they know this place is killing me. So they wont send me out. They sit up here. They bring me food I can’t eat. They argue retaliate against me and I’m tired of it. Enough is enough. They need to be fired or they need to be punished for this like the Warden, he in on it. He knows exactly what they do: like I’m tired. They like they just get away with this and I’m tired of this they won’t send me to the hospital. Because they know they make you they let it wait so long because I asked them to check my blood they won’t check the blood. They won’t do none of that today. They just put in the system like everything cleared up. I’m still swol from the head to toe, my feet still leak with fluid. They are lying they tried to get me forced me to walk so I’ve been trying because you know I tried to do something for this is not right. This is why we’re I hum Jones where she the director now she’s a part of this she’d been just telling me flat out lies I’m gonna say now flat out lies; been saying that they go sit me down they got a plan they go do something for me. They did nothing for me but just punish me and that’s what they doing and I’m tired of it. They just denied me my pain shot that the doctor ordered for me. Sunday was my last day to get it they denied Macintosh the supervisors denied it like they just flat out messing with me just flat out. This is wrong. When I speak out about how they doing them ladies over there in the infirmary they doing them bold somebody need to look into that. They doing them old ladies is bold; like they need to get they need to get in front of judge how they doing these people. And they mad cause I’m speaking out. I cant take this. I haven’t ate for weeks almost because they not trying to find out what’s going on with my stomach they just… I just don’t know I’m just so tired…I’m so tired

I try to do everything they tell me to do. I’m tired. Like I’m so tired. Then when I..I try to tell them about my shoulder, my pain, they ignore when I try to tell them how the mold is affecting my breathing, affecting my body they they punish me, they harass me; they punish me. This is not right I want to eat I want to drink I want to walk like not with this walker. I want this swelling to to go down. My ears is so painful, so bad. I’m in so much pain and they don’t even care. They just taking everything from me covering it up they’re just covering it up. I’m so sorry I can’t call y’all with good news and say they doing something but they not I wish I could. But I don’t understand why they just wont send me out cause they know they gonna take blood work and so prove the facts, what it is. So I’m just asking for all the support and all the help and we need a lot of help, we need to support and thank ya’ll so much for helping the supervisor the biggest or the Warden there’s no need to talk to him like he knows everything. He letting them do this. I’m just tired. I’m in so much pain, like I’m tired, I’m so tired. All they gotta do is look at the cameras and hear the speakerphone and hear them how they talk about and playing with my health. Why!? When my headaches are so bad. I’m just so tired, I’m so tired. I don’t wanna loose my life in here. I don’t wanna loose my life in here
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