Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

I’m trying to, you know, stay strong and be strong. It’s a lot going on. I get a mail last night that um, they put me on grievance restriction for 90 days so I can’t write them up, I can’t grieve ’em. This is just heartbreaking, um. I’ve been, um, trying to get help to get to a hospital, keep on telling them but every time I write a kite, they taking the money out of my account, charging me, like, these people–I have to face it these people is not helping me, these people do not want to help me. Like, this is sickness, I have a right to fight for myself and speak for myself, and speak for others. So again, every day you–every time you look around, they are doing things that they think that people not paying attention don’t see. This is unstoppable. Like they can just do what they want and I can’t write it up? I can’t speak about it? Like the grievance coordinator–this is this is wrong. And it was signed by the warden so he got a kick out of that signing me on restriction for 90 days because he is, he gets a–oh, oh Lord, he just not fair. He don’t like me at all. He–there’s so many words he tells me he didn’t like me and all that it’s just crazy! Look at what they doing! Look at what they doing. I am tired of these evil people. My ears, like they, as I’m talking now they in pain, like they, they hurt so, there’s so much pain, my headaches and stuff ain’t going away. My throat, I got more knots comin’ in my throat so it’s hard, it’s very hard for me to eat. I keep on telling them no one, did Dr. Ellis, Eleazar, whatever you want to be called, like did he make–this is sickness what these doctors and Don Jones are doing. Like they see me every week, but nothing! They make theyself look good I’m telling y’all everything, I have told y’all I’ve been truthful with y’all. This healthcare is sickening. This is the disgusting, worst thing I ever said this is sad and heartbreaking, like, oh my God. And then they went to Sydney for weekly and I got told by the [inaudible] the same man was the nurse when it first was happening and he was documenting that he don’t see nothing, told me where they changed it to weekly to every other week. I’m like… just I mean what more ya’ll want from me. What do I do to y’all but ask y’all to listen, but help before it is too late. Before it is too late. That’s all I ask y’all to do, is help me. I should not be judged, harassed, retaliate, tortured, because I’m speaking out the health on my life. Look how many lives that has been tooken since I’ve been here that could have been saved. They could have been saved. I’m not making this up. Like when these people say they can’t breathe or anything, they don’t take it serious. I’ve been sittin’ here, praying and sitting up at night, holding my chest and praying to God: Lord please don’t take me. [inaudible] but I know God is protecting me because when I’m feeling it when I’m going through it it ain’t nothing but God, but God. He say “I ain’t ready for you”.

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