Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

I want to tell you I need your support, like I really need your support like none ever. Please continue sending letters, callling, whatever we got to do to the government. I really feel like something good. I really feel like I’d be home if y’all can please still help fund my Go Fund Me, how to get help get the right doctors, so when I get home I can get help, like I thank all y’all. So it don’t matter if it’s a dollar, fifty cent, whatever, I just gonna get the right help. I don’t want to look like this. I want to be back myself. [Crying unclear]

People talking about me. I’m tired of people asking me questions. They just staring at me. I really need support so I can get the right help when I get out of here. Like, please help me, please fund it. It’s for the right cause. It’s for my life. It’s for me to get the help so when I do walk out of here. I really feel like this might be the chance for me to get out, so please send letters too. Please call. Please. I’m so tired. [Crying]

But I told myself I would not stop fighting, and I’m still fighting, not just for me for all of us, and I’m grateful and thankful for all the people I’ve met that’s been on my side and not giving up on me. Amazing people. [Crying]

I really need the push. Stay by my side and help me fight this battle to get out of here and get the help that I need for my health. Please, god, please, help me. Every time I tell these people look, they ignore me or they talk about something else or try to make it like it’s something else. This is wrong. This is wrong. This is unbelievable what we go through. Like it would be wonderful if I could eat some right food and drink some fresh water. This is water stinks so bad. It’s bad here. I want this swelling to go down. I want to be able to walk on my own, buy I just got to stay strong. I know i got to stay strong like…

I just gotta put on a smile. And doing this stuff is hard. Walking is so hard. Trying to eat is hard. You got to do it. You don’t want people to be talking about you. It’s embarresing. That’s all they do. “What happened to you? Why you look like this? What’s going on? Why that stuff in your ear? You on a walker. They playing you.” You know what I’m saying. Everyone gets laughing. This is not funny. This is my life. This is wrong. And you’re all asking me. [?} Y’all to speak out. The way they doing y’all too, y’all should not even think about asking me. Y’all should be speaking it out too. So, I’m just asking y’all for support to help me get; when I walk out these gates and get to the right hospitals that care to get me back right. I’m so tired.

I’m so tired of the pain y’all. I’m so tired of it and they just push it off. I’m getting so tired of my skin like looking like this. I’m tired y’all. I just wanted to tell y’all I thank all of you. I love you. I love y’all. I thank y’all for being on my side, listening to my story. This journey is for all of us in here. Like y’all have been a blessing in my life. And when I get out of here and get to a hospital and get right I would like to meet some of y’all and tell y’all how much I’m grateful and thankful that y’all been by my side and not give up.

It means really a lot, really, really a lot. It keep me going. It keep me getting up every day like you gotta fight. You got somebody fighting with you. You got to fight and it will be over soon. And I really do believe it. So please support me y’all. Please, support the letters. Support me to Go Fund Me so I can get to the doctors. Please get on it ASAP. Please, please, please y’all.

And I just wanted to say y’all will be hearing from me soon. I’m trying y’all, I’m still trying. My head, you should see this stuff on my body.

It’s just like the stuff on the walls. It’s just like [?]. It’s all on my chest and my body. I wish I could show someone. But they take pictures of everybody else. When it comes to Krystal Denise Clark, they tell me they can’t take pictures. None of that. They are playing games. Everybody else got pictures taken. “Oh we can’t do that”. They are covering up my health. And they should be, they should be in bars. They the ones that’s killing us, and covering up and hiding our stuff. Them the ones that should be in bars. Just like the warden, he should be in bars. He run every time he see me. I had to chase him down to even talk to him. This is unstoppable. This is unstoppable. But I really just want to tell y’all how much I appreciate y’all. I need y’all to be on this for me. I love y’all. I need to get to a hospital. Really I need to get, I need to get this taken care of, really, really do. And I will fight for others. And I love y’all. Y’all will hear from me soon. Y’all, will be hearing from me. Thank y’all. So emotional. Thank y’all so so much.

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