Prison Radio
Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall

Since the re-election of President Barack Obama to the White Hose, there has been a gearing up to possibly introduce an Immigration Reform Bill to Congress for its enactment as statutory law, but what says he of the mass incarceration—pardon me—“detention” of immigrants?

Why is that, one may ask? It’s because, from the beginning, it has been President Obama’s Immigration policy—under I.C.E.’s Secure Communities Program—to detain undocumented immigrants at for-profit, corporate-owned, private Immigration Detention Centers (IDCs) for incarceration and deportation. Yes, Wall Street keeps its dirty hands in everything!

President Obama, taking a page from former President Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton’s political playbook of mass incarceration under the guise of Drug enforcement laws to mass incarcerate mostly Latino(a) African, and Asian immigrants. We are witnessing and experiencing The New Jim Crow of Immigrant Peoples!

Don’t believe it? Well, the U.S. had its Immigration agencies of INS, ICE, CBP, and US-VISIT under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) now define their goals in terms of “national security” and “public safety” to place it as a criminal law enforcement priority.

Through the Secure Communities Program, ICE has conducted mass raids of immigrant communities, mass round-ups and arrests, and mass incarceration of immigrants at Immigration Detention Centers. There are over 110 privately-owned and operated IDCs contracted with DHS throughout the U.S.’s Southwest states bordering Mexico, that are receiving tens of billions of federal dollars annually, to incarcerate entire immigrant families.

The Wall Street bankers and investment firms are getting filthy rich for carrying on Immigration enforcement in the U.S. In two decades the U.S. spent $187 billion of tax payer dollars on Immigration enforcement. It is obvious that the Prison Industrial Complex has now penetrated the Immigration incarceration market and has plans to milk that cow for all she’s worth. That’s the cut-throat Capitalists’ way—profit-maximization regardless of human exploitation, sufferings, and death!