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Racism Dies With Capitalism

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson

Race is an invention of social prison; of artificial division to oppress separated into ranks that race for first place in a caste system based on the color of one’s face; created by those in… Full Transcript

Medical Neglect and Death at Wabash Valley

Christopher “Naeem” Trotter

On April the 3rd 2024, at 4 PM, Mark Ron passed away while housed at Terre Haute Regional Hospital. He injured himself on March the 12th 2024, doing his job as a sanitation worker for… Full Transcript

Anatomy of America’s Wasteful Industrial Complex

Bryant Arroyo

Anatomy of America’s wasteful prison-industrial complex. America, America, land of the free. The society filled with justice and equality. This is a clear example of hypocrisy, unless they forgot to include me and millions of… Full Transcript

Racist Backlash to Black Progress

Uhuru Rowe

Greetings and revolutionary love and solidarity. Once again, this is Uhuru Rowe, prison slave number 1131545, speaking to you live on this fourth day of November, 2021, from Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt, VA. I… Full Transcript