Prison Radio
Spoon Jackson

Anybody of color in this country has experienced so much discrimination, so to take it out on other people is wrong.

Especially, I guess, Asian people has contributed, built a railroad, who helped do what everybody else has done as part of this country, be it slavery or Irish coming over, but cannot go around bullying people and blaming them for stuff that don’t even make any sense.

You can’t do that, you can’t discriminate. It’s wrong. So I’m hoping that the downfall and, uh, people of all color will walk with, uh, senior citizens, arranging any dissent to make sure they are safe, get into the parks, stores, or whatever they want to do.

They shouldn’t have to be cooped up, especially after this COVID-19 has already put y’all on lockdown like you were in prison. So I’m hoping that the black guy who grew up read the history and know how discrimination is wrong and how they shouldn’t apply that to anybody.

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