Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Krystal Denise Clark, my MA number is 435064. I’m in WHV, the valley of death versus the valley of killing doctors. World gonna want the update ya’ll? I’m really not doing good. My breathing, I’m trying to stay strong. On Friday the first, I was woke up at one in the morning for med runs. They couldn’t–I went to the control center about around four we left out made it to Jackson, the hospital, Henry Ford Hospital to take an MRI/CAT scan. This is so heartbreaking what they doing. So I go take it you know, that weekend, a holiday weekend it’s a holiday, so today I get called to the phone at 9, 9:04 Dr. Ellis is on the phone bright and early, “oh Miss Clark, I got to tell you y’all your CAT scan and everything your MRI is normal it’s no more, so we are going to stop your treatment”. I say I oh, my results that result came back real fast. When I took 4 tests, swab, culture the right test that they do to tell what is growing in the ears. Now, they trying to say that a magazine world they don’t they have me taking a medication, a fungal medication twice a day for almost 30 days before I go take the MRI. Why was I not given an MRI before you give me take the medicine. This is straight up cover up you can still see this stuff growing out of me. You could see how my body is declining, it’s failing, this is so unstoppable. I said, you know, I didn’t even, you know, go i nto, ’cause all he was gonna do was hang up. I said yeah, okay. “Oh, it’s not in your ear it’s in your bones in your ears. So it’s not there”. Everybody knows if there’s work in the medical field and you gotta work in the medical field: It don’t have to be in your bones to be on your body. So this is another cover up what they doing, instead of helping me they sit here and torture me… they be tryna kill me. [unintelligible]

So why was, my results came back told me about my loss. So why was I given an MRI on my chest and my legs to show what was causing that? It’s a cover up y’all, it’s a cover up they are killing me. I’m tired, I’m so tired of this.

They all should get in trouble for this they all need to be behind bars. I need some help. So you could see it still coming out of my body and they are still covering it up? Lord, somebody help, help please, they are trying to take my life in here. They try to get me to shut up I’m not going to shut up. I will tell y’all everything. Please help me, help us and I know what they doing to me. They know it’s in my body they ignore it, you can see it and you stop the treatment plan. The covering.

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