Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Krystal Denise Clark my number is 435064, I’m in WHV the Valley of Death. We need help. It’s so much going on but I’m gonna talk about (looking?). They are not, I’ve been waiting to get the right care. They are freezing us to death. The heat they got turned off. It, they got heat in here, they won’t turn it on, they’re acting like it’s turned on, they freezing us, they got fans blowing in the bathroom to try to calm the mold down so it won’t bring out the mold. This stuff is killing us, it’s making us sick. Like this is, we should not have to to live like this. We shaking in our bed trying to stay warm, trying to just you know, this is wrong what they are doing. I’ve been waiting on them to help me, they know I’m allergic to the mold, my body is not healing, they don’t care, they’re not doing anything about it. They making it like they taking me out on appointments and trying to act like they doing something. This is a cover up which they–send me out for the right things that you know that’s wrong. You know the mold is affecting me so when you send me out why are you not telling the people, what is, what I’m living in and what’s causing this instead they trying to make it like it’s everything else and acting like they doing something so it could look like “oh yeah, we sent her out, we taking tests”. No, they testing me for bullcrap, the wrong stuff because they know they don’t want to tell the people about the mold. They is keeping this a secret and it’s heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking. It really is. Like this, this is wrong. They messing with my mail. I had got a letter from the people from New York radio station said they listen to you all the time. I sent them mail over a month ago, turn around I’ve been worried like why ain’t my mail? I get two mails back, they copy of my original mail and gave me copies of my medical papers acting like I didn’t have enough postage. If I didn’t have enough postage why you didn’t send it back to the unit where I am instead of opening my mail? They are playing games, now I know my mail is not going out [?]. This is just sick what they doing. We need some powerful people that care and willing to help. We need y’all to support the radio station. This is how our stories get out our voices get heard we need y’all to support them, help them, like donations to them, so we can on keep on calling. We need support and I know they need support, I know it’s hard for them to, but we thank God for what they are doing for us. So we need y’all to listen to continue on supporting them. Please we need help. This is not right. The government you are very aware of it, it’s just so heartbreaking. You got daughters and you got kids, that you know what’s going on. I write you all the time. I sent you all my medical records, I sent you pictures and everything and you did not get to do anything about this. And you know it’s going on. This is so wrong, like I don’t see how you can, oh my god this is wrong, like they aren’t aware of it. This is a cover up what they doing, I’m telling y’all.
Everybody else can get hearing aids, they won’t give me my hearing aids. The warden, the higher ups telling them I gotta do more testing. How many tests it’s gonna take? Every time a doctor say something’s wrong, they won’t send me back to that doctor. They’ll send me to a whole other doctor that sides with them and do what they want them to do to just cover up my health. Y’all I’m tired. Enough is enough.
I’m tired. I’m so tired of this. And I know I’m just tired calling y’all and telling y’all I wish I could call and tell y’all that they doing something but I just wanted to tell y’all this is, is just unstoppable what they are doing to me. This is all heartbreaking. We need some help. Please help us. And I guess one could tell y’all doing nothing changing ain’t nothing getting better. They’re not doing anything. Anything is just covering up things. That’s exactly what they doing.

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