Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Anytime I ask for help, they just come and like, just come in for me. Like, this is, this is INSUFFERABLE. Like, I don’t know what to do with my whole body. It feels like it’s going to shut down. I’m tired of speaking and telling everybody my whole body feels like it’s going to shut down.

Like I really need help. This mold in this place is, it’s killing me and nobody understand it. Keep on talking, Oh, it’s just a little bit, It’s going to be okay. No, it’s not going to be okay. You’re not in my body. So how can you tell me it’s going to be okay? You’re not going through what I’m going through. So how can you say it’s going to be okay? This is heartbreaking and sad what they are doing.

 It just don’t make no sense. I went up to the control center. They called me up here today. Um, Horton, I think his name, Horton. He worked with the warden, the same one of the man. So when the lawyers came and did, especially, he made me sit in a room for four hours and a half, almost no food, no medication, no nothing.

So he called me and do want to investigate. No. Um, Justin, the same man who locked me in those filthy, nasty showers and was so rude and disrespectful to me. So he called me and asked me questions on it. I’m looking like, like, how is this going to be fair? You did the same thing to me and ain’t no one investigating you.

You need to be, it needs to be somebody outside coming to investigate both of y’all because y’all both was wrong. Like this is insufferable what they’re doing. Like they, you let people that already retaliating against me here and writing down stuff and investigating another person, the same people that’s working here.

I’m so tired. I’m just so tired. I’m tired of this. And then I get back, they put the picture on my door and knowing the inmates is already, you know, trying to come at me and pick it on me and talk about everybody. Look at that picture of her door, like they doing this to be spiteful and evil. Evil people. Damn it, that’s some evil people.

Never did nothing but be respectful to these people. Even when they do me wrong, I’m respectful because that’s what my mother taught me. But this is insufferable what they are doing. Like, I just want the world to know you got your loved ones behind bars and they telling you something is wrong. Pay attention.

Take it serious. Take action. Don’t wait till it’s too late. There’s too many lives that’s been taken because nobody’s taking it serious. Like, and I fear for my life in this place, this is crazy what they’re doing to us. This is crazy. This is heartbreaking. I’m tired. I can sit there and y’all can keep on sending me every week.

They’re looking at Dr. Faith. That’s writing down stuff that he wants to write. Not trying to help me. A sane doctor that took his bare hands. Right in my ear. Like I was getting stressed. He wouldn’t do his kids and his family like that. This is wrong. I’m going over there weekly for one of them to get say, why you ain’t going to mental health?

Talking about blaming it on mental health. I’m just so tired. I’m getting so tired. But I still prepare myself to stay strong and tell myself you got this.