Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi my name is Krystal Denise Clark I’m in WHV: The Valley of Death. I got told today I got called to healthcare to see Dr. Johnson. I’m thinking I’m going to pick up my ear drops – I mean my hearing aids. She tells me when I get over there that I’m not receiving them until I do some more tests. I have did so many tests and all the tests came back that something is wrong with my ears. I lost my hearing. I had an infection and everything. Now they telling me I’m not gonna get it. MDOC want me to take more and more tests. Damn MDOC. They are playing with my life. They are killing me here. This mold they won’t face the fact that this mold is killing me here! And they won’t give me nothing. They try to cover it up like it’s everything else. They knew they might draw something about dental. It ain’t gotta do nothing with dental. They know I test positive for it. I’m looking like, I don’t know what, I ain’t looking like myself. This stuff gets burning and running down my ears. I cried to the doctor today. I said please give me something. She gave me some ear drops for 10 days. I said, “what is it?” She said, “I don’t know what it is” she, she know they know exactly what it is. They know exactly what it is. Now I can’t get my hearing aid. Ain’t nobody else who went through this? Nobody else got to take a whole bunch of tests over and over? And the tests and study telling y’all I lost my hearing and this infection that something is wrong and nothing being done? Why do I gotta keep on going through this? This is so wrong. I’m in so much pain. Ain’t nothing getting better. The warden know it’s got everything to do with the administration warden and Ypsilanti – they are keeping my health covered, trying to make it seem like it’s everything else. But I test positive for – what I’m allergic to is the mold. They have it in black and white. Ever since I tested positive they have been downplaying my health acting like its nothing like there is nothing wrong. Like I’m just making this up. I gotta take another test. Like I faked my hearing. How could you fake a hearing test? I went out to take a test with the machine. Like these people are sick in here. They are crazy. They are so disgusting and I pray that every last one of y’all that God shows what y’all are doing to cover up my health and what y’all are doing to me I pray that I pray every one of you end up in a jail cell and I know I should not pray for this but I pray that y’all get exposed for everything you’re doing everything you are covering up about my health. I pray that y’all get in trouble, I pray to God to show people what y’all are doing. You’re liars, it’s disgusting. Y’all should not have no job. None of y’all should have no job but I promise the truth will come out because there’s a God up above and he gon’ expose everything that y’all are doing. My name is Krystal Denise Clark. My inmate number is 435064. I’m in the Valley of Death. They are killing me here. Please help please help. I love y’all and I thank y’all so much.

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