Prison Radio
Omar Askia Ali

My name is, uh, Omar Askia Ali, aka Edward Sistrunk. I’m housed in Coal Township in Pennsylvania. I’m speaking about parole eligibility for life-sentence prisoners in the state of Pennsylvania.

There is a dire need for all who are concerned to support representative Jason Dawkins’ House Bill 135. Although there’s more traction now then we’ve witnessed before, let us not be hoodwinked and be aware that the voice of the people must be demonstrated in their actions and deeds, which is support for House Bill 135, or the politicians will be prone to vacillate without our tax-paying supporters.

We’re planning to put up billboards as another component to bring high visibility in our quest for parole eligibility for life-sentence prisoners in Pennsylvania. We’re awaiting Clear Channel Outdoor spokesperson, Barry Tarlowe, to quote us an updated price because the ballpark price a few years ago was $750.

In order to bolster the visibility of parole eligibility for lifers, [inaudible name], Daryl Muhammad, [inaudible name], and myself, Omar Askia Ali aka Edward Sistrunk, or appealing to our supporters in the outer community, professed their love to please forward their donations to Human Rights Coalition 4134 Lancaster Avenue in Philadelphia, PA 19104, earmark the billboard. You will be kept at breadths when the amount of the billboard is reached. Please know, once we erect the first billboard, why not another?

John F. Kennedy- the United States attorney general in 1964, said “What has been demonstrated is that usually only one factor determines whether a defendant stays in jail. Before he comes to trial, that fact is not guilt or innocent, it is not the nature of the crime, it is not the character of the defendant. That factor is simply money.” John F. Kennedy in 1964, former United States attorney general.

Thank you.

(Sound of a cell door closing.) These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.