Prison Radio
Spoon Jackson

Okay, what happened at Uncuffed was that, uh, they investigated Uncuffed, they sent a special, uh, prison police in there, and they did a couple of months of investigation, and came back and said, “Everything was cool, go back to work.” But instead of allowing us to go back to work, the heads of KALW at San Francisco decided that they wanted to change the program and make it a program for, just to funnel people through in a few weeks and get money for it.

So we was becoming bigger, the original cast of Uncuffed, and they had a similar problem when there used to be San Quentin radio at San Quentin. When Ear Hustle broke off from KALW because they tried to stifle their art, so that’s what basically what happened with, uh, Uncuffed up here.

They wanted to get rid of people that are most creative and they found a way to do it, even though the prison cleared anybody of any wrongdoing and said we can go back to work. So right now I’m kind of offended because I was down there recovering from COVID and pneumonia and they didn’t ever, they didn’t tell me that I’d have no job, uh, waiting for me here.

I would have stayed down at Stockton where it’s a better medical facility, but the thing is, so right now, I’m- I didn’t reach my full potential as a producer of radio, as a audio person. I think there’s a lot of stuff I could still create.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.