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Kenjuan Congo Jr.

My inmate number is ND7568. I’m calling from SCI Chester. This is Kenjuan Congo Jr., from the belly of the beast.

Paper Chained is a not-for-profit journal in Australia. Contributions from incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, and loved ones of the incarcerated are greatly encouraged.

Damien Linnane is the editor of this publication. He spent two years in prison for burning down the home of a man accused of raping someone who was close to him. Since he was released, Damien has completed a master’s degree in Information Studies. In addition to working on Paper Chained, Damian is completing a PhD in law.

Dr. Jedidiah Evans is the associate editor. Jedidiah is a lecturer in the Department of Writing Studies at the University of Sydney. In addition to being a lecturer, as well as a author, he has published articles on U.S. Literature and higher education. Jedidiah runs a weekly writing workshop in a maximum-security prison and his current research focuses on the impact of creative arts in prison.

Katie is a graphic designer, writer, and an accredited editor. Katie’s life experience have given her insight to disadvantages in relationship to crime, also into the issues in the Australian so-called criminal justice system that leads to injustice. She is currently working on a Bachelor of Law and has interests in human rights.

Paper Chained is a publication that is guided by these three very dedicated people: Damien Linnane, Dr. Jedidiah Evans, and Katie Fox. For more information, or to give support, go to

This is Kenjuan Congo Jr., from the belly of the beast. Thank y’all. All Power to the People.

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