Prison Radio
Eddie Treadwell

Yeah, well, hello, this is Mr. Eddie Treadwell calling from Alger Correctional Facility here in Michigan. My prison number is 205017.

And I would like to express some of my thoughts as well as inform in regards to how we should pay more tribute to our women. I think women are one of the greatest beings that God has ever produced on the face of this earth, and we have a tendency to neglect them on a regular basis and not pay attention to the greatness that they possess.

Here in prison, we have women of all forms: girlfriend, mother, sister, auntie cousin, whatever the case may be. It’s always standing out by they men here in prison and in society. Right, but we do not pay them enough attention. We don’t get them to credit and appreciation that they truly deserve. So this poem has been composed to try to reflect that. It’s called “A Message to My Sister”

I am sending you these precious words, for I feel it is my obligation to show you the love and respect you deserve, because you are mothers of of our nation. It pains me deep to the core of my soul to see the conditions you are in: sisters being used, abused, and exploited. I ask you: when will it end?

I know that at times we tend to neglect you, but I assure you in our hearts were elated because you are by far the most beautiful beings that God has ever created. You have given us your sweat, your blood, and your tears. All that you have asked in return is that we come stand by your side to acknowledge your work and listen to your thoughts and concerns.

But I am here to confess that no words can express how much we truly love you. And never again will we ever attempt to place anyone above you. So think not with the fool just simply because your crown could not be soon, that you, my sister, queen could be anything less than a queen.

So with that, I hope these words and hope they touch someone, uplift they spirits, and you may reflect upon the greatness that you possess and spread it and share it to the world.

Again, this is Mr. Eddie Treadwell from Alger Correctional Facility here in Michigan. If anybody have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at Eddie Treadwell. Have a wonderful day.

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