Prison Radio
Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall

For ages politicians have used the art of deception on opponents and on the people.

President Donald J. Trump is no exception to the rule.

Since the beginning of the presidential elections, and now as Commander-in-Chief, tricknology has been a mainstay of President Trump’s political playbook. At every turn of events, no matter how big or small the issue, President Trump seems to tell lie, after lie, after lie. It would be factually correct to call President Trump what he is—a compulsive liar.

But is there some method to Trump’s madness? Is there some grand scheme that Trump is implementing? Or are people simply looking too deep into Trump’s actions and are just missing the obvious?

It appears that President Trump is a one-trick-pony magician, whose only show is a sleight of hand trick, where he constantly tells outlandish lies about a trivial matter to distract people away from major issues he wants to avoid. A cheap trick, indeed. But it appears to be working for now.

Politicians, the media, and the people—thus far—all have been victims of this simple trick. When political opponents demanded Trump release his tax return record, he distracted everyone by talking about Senator Cruz being an immigrant and unable to hold the presidential office. When political opponents asked for Trump’s plan for America, he would demand Hillary Clinton release phone records for a Benghazi hearing. And when the media exposed Trump’s sexist rants on the bus, he later produced about a dozen women on TV claiming he wasn’t a sexist pig.

As an expert entertainer, President Trump has learned to manipulate the media and the viewers of the media to his advantage, and has run circles around politicians and the media alike through their failure to understand the purpose of Trump’s game of lies.

Soon, people will catch on to President Trump’s tricks and no longer be fooled by his lies to distract from what really matters in America and the world, and then the show will be over for our dear President Trump. When the gig is up, President Trump may very well be a one-term president.

From the Belly of The Beast, at Prison Radio, I am Shakaboona. Thank you for listening.