Prison Radio
Omar Askia Ali

All right, my name is Omar Askia Ali AKA Edward Sistrunk. I’m housed at SCI Coal Township in Pennsylvania. Our subject matter today is “Real Freedom.”

Before prisoners are released from prison, we should be thinking in terms of building our own businesses as a mean of self-sufficiency. In turn, we become an asset in solving the blight in our society, whether it be economics, politics, science, or any other facets of our empowerment.

Prisoners need to have a fundamental comprehension of how and why things in our high-tech society work, because education is about empowerment. Without it, we will never be liberated without liberating our minds, because we will continue to exist in a state of total disarray, playing the illusionary games with our owm selves.

We have no time for playing the blame game, and, yes, there is some suffering in some manner. However, only we can turn things around with like-minded people. Unity is more than a name: it is the framework for collective empowerment and true freedoms. Percentage-wise, prisons are big businesses because 85 to 90 percent of the prisoners who are incarcerated are for economically-related crimes.

So who is really getting paid? Keep in mind that chattel slavery was about money. Let us make freedom our priority by becoming self-sustaining. We must bear in mind that there are different levels of participation in our struggle, and some of us may contribute their expertise, money, and their muscle, but they all are necessary for real freedom.

Recently, informed us about a convicted felon who became a Georgetown law professor. Robert F. Kennedy, former United States Attorney General in 1964 stated what has been demonstrated here is that usually only one factor determines whether the defendant stays in jail before he becomes to trial. That fact is not guilt or innocence. It is not the nature of the crime. It is not the character of the defendant. That fact is simply money.

Thank you very much.