Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Krystal Denise Clark. My inmate number is 435064. I’m in WHV, the Valley of Death, versus the killing doctors in here. I’m so tired of this place. I’m sick of it. Like we is–enough is enough? Like they make us do what we got to do and follow the rules? That goes for them, too. I’m sick of the warden. He acts, like I said, I had four results that I tested–well, they won’t want to count one, so we’ll say three, that are positive for mold. I’m taking this medication. I’m still housed in this mold-infected prison and ain’t nothing being done with it. This place is killing us! Like, it’s not just killing me, it’s killing us! Like we need help.

And another thing about it, like everybody who try to fight and stand up for each other, or try to help me, they move them away from me; they retaliate. There’s my friend named Bobby Jones. They did her so bold, and they did her wrong. Like is this [stutter] is unsufferable. She’s a level one and they moved her in a level two unit. It ain’t they needed no beds, ’cause they could have moved anybody else. Like they doing this intentionally. Listen to our cause, they listen to us, that’s why people scared to speak out and scared to stand up! That’s why they ask me. Like I’m sitting here struggling, need help, and they know I do. I’m on a damn walker that I should not be on. I ain’t come in here on no walker! I ain’t come in here with all these meds! I ain’t come in here mold growing on my body, now I’m facing everything swelling! Every–like this is unsufferable! This is unsufferable.

Like, like, and Heidi Washington, I’m calling you out too. Like, I have wrote you so many letters about this. I wrote you so many letters about what’s going on. The government, I wrote you too. What is going on? Why is ya’ll not coming here and seeing this? Y’all have been in here, ya’ll know exactly what’s going on. And people scared to speak out because they gotta worry about they room get shoocken down, or they gotta worry about tickets, or they gotta worry about growing sick. We got to follow rules. We got to be current stuff and everything. They got follow rules too. They come in here with these lashes, these jewelry, these long hair, these colorful shoes, colorful shirts, colorful socks. They should follow the rules too. That’s the policy that we read. They read policy on us so, what’s gonna be done with the warden who ain’t making them follow the rules, but we gettin’ retaliated all the time, every day. Like what’s going on? Like this is unsufferable! Enough is enough! Like I’m tired of being like this. And I’m tired of being sick. I’m tired of burning, I was sweating, burning with fever. I’m tired of my skin looking like this. I’m sick of it! No hearings. No hearings.

(Another voice talking to her) You too loud…

I’m too loud on the phone now. The officers say I’m too loud on the phone. Okay, well I’m gonna talk low this same officer–I’m gonna talk low because my hearing is–and I thought I was talking low, but I’m too loud on the phone getting retaliated on because I’m making an interview about them. I’m making an interview about them. I’m making an interview about them, so I’m getting harassed by PC Reed in 5 Block.

(Another voice talking to her) I’m not in 5 Block.

She at Harrison now, but she’s the PC in here and Harrison. I wasn’t even talking about her, but now I can get on her too, because every time you look around she telling me. I’m talking low. I’m talking on the phone to y’all so I’m not paying her no attention, but I’m living in a mold infected prison. Every time I speak up about it, I’m not even talking loud. I got–my hearing is gone in my left, my right ear, so our voice is loud and the warden knows that, that’s why he give us this thing. So I don’t know how I’m gonna bear to talk and I’m on the base and she gonna hear me anyways, so I don’t know what’s going on. Well, how could I talk because I’m on the base. She gonna hear me, I’m right here close to the base. Like is something needs to be done about this prison.

Like, I’m tired to being retaliated. I’m tired of being harassed. Like this is wrong. Y’all heard it for yourself. I’m on the phone doing an interview and look what happens? This what happen every day. This what happened to my friends, and I gotta be real quiet, like a little kid, but the officer desk is right by the phone, so you gonna hear me anyway. Like enough is enough! I’m so tired. I’m so tired of this, ya’ll. And when I speak up for myself, like she said, she gon’ make me get off the phone. Of course, that’s what they want to do, make me get off the phone. The warden will write me a ticket. I ain’t doing nothing wrong but minding my own, speaking the truth about this prison.

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