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Mumia Abu-Jamal

Once again, a child goes to school, armed to kill, with no expectation to return home – ever.

It happened again in Colorado. That’s right, Colorado, where the Columbine School Massacre left 15 bodies on the floor in 1999.

A teenager bum-rushes the school, reportedly aiming for a teacher. The teacher, forewarned, splits the scene. A frustrated teen blasts a fellow student, and then he kills himself.

There was a time when such events evoked shock.

Not anymore.

It has become normalized: something that happens.

A day’s story, just barely.

Can you imagine how deeply and profoundly the hatred must’ve been to engage in such an endeavor?

And that it happened almost a year to the day after Newtown, Connecticut proves how empty has been the nation’s response to the monstrous carnage of these school children.

A year ago, I wrote of the empty political rhetoric that Newtown inspired.

Essentially, nothing substantive will change in this nation that worships guns, and we will see such scenes repeating themselves, again, and again, and ever again.