Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Something should be done by now in this place. It’s too many people lost they life in here. Like it’s too many people still is on their deathbed begging for help and we’re not getting help. We’re getting tortured for speaking out. This is wrong. That’s why I was trying to find a doctor and raise the funds to get a doctor will come hear or or call me out to see me to get the right treatment or a lawyer. The lawyer that I get like I don’t understand, how you not doing anything. And it’s proof I just have medical watch records in black and white that this mold is in my respiratory, like my sputum test. And they covered it up talking bout its gone now. Like I don’t understand this. I don’t really understand it like I should be … my swelling should of been went down like my breathing my, my body, like if you’re shutting down trying I’m just trying so hard to stay strong. But damn send me out to see that we get the right care like I said there’s no ….? We sitting up here in the middle of the base floor by the phone its leaking water from this light thing that probably so molded up under there and it ain’t even raining outside. Like we got a bucket in the floor where its dripping water and it ain’t even it ain’t even it raining. Like this is unstoppable.

Like I just wanted to call and just, just like to tell yall to look out for things, what was going on, but I just don’t understand this. I really don’t understand. I don’t. I just think it it’s like the one of the people I was talking to like what it takes for you to lose your life and then for these — no I can lose my life and still ain’t nothing’s gonna happen because look how many people have lost their life in here that is just swept up under the rug but under cover, and so I had to speak out about it and now… I’m like oh these people are disgusting. Yall took a oath you took a oath to be a doctor you took a oath to help us, not to do us like this. It should not be about money. It should be about life. Yall should care. Like this is this is wrong what they doing like this is unacceptable what they doing? Like I get trea.. you should see how they talk to me like and I come over there they try to get me locked up every chance they get they try to get me locked up or a ticket. What did I do to yall I don’t do nothing to y’all speaking out about my life and people life that that matters. We all should matter to y’all no matter what we in here for we should matter to y’all. So tired of this, like this is wrong, you I mean if you see what’s goin — I wish y’all could be a fly on a wall in this place to see what’s going on. Like the food they keep on serving us, it was just maggets in the food the other day. Like they serving us food that’s just not safe to eat. We drinking out of fountain that you can smell the stuff the mold the mildew all that’s in that you can smell it come out the water. When are we goin when yall gonna get the right people in here to check this and fix it. Like this is wrong. You wonder why all of us is so sick and everybody keep on getting the same thing and y’all want to say oh it’s nothing keep on giving us anything. No, y’all know it’s something. The proof is in the pudding I got — this is not even the first medical record I got. They’re covered up about this mold.

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