Prison Radio
Raymond Eugene Jenkins

Hi, this is Raymond Jenkins in Corcoran State Prison. First, I want to say Happy New Years, for everybody out there, that’s going to be listening. I been doing this for now, three or four weeks and the story that I build discussed with the inmates in prison is the drug that they call Suboxone. It’s a new drug that’s supposed to keep them from craving the heavy drugs. The only issue is that the drug they’re given them to so they won’t be craving the heavy drug is that they, that a lot of inmates is getting addicted to the drug and they are getting high. And they are getting, what we say, we had a couple of inmates in the prison system in Corcoran that passed away because of this new drug. You know, the story is that how can they supply drugs to inmates to not take the heavy drug when this drug is worser than the heavy drugs. and who gives them the authorization and approve for them to be able to do this. This is an ongoing thing, it’s like the paramedic come on the yard every three days, somebody did overdose, OD’d. And it’s nothing being done about it’s not been talked about and something needs to be done. I have filed papers in the court to see can they stop this temporarily until they find a better solution. You know, to stop giving them this high type drug and that it was I don’t think it was approved by the FDA. I don’t think it was approved by the CDC, I have no information on that I’ve been trying to get information. But the meantime, inmates in prison are suffering and you got a lot of them that is addicted to it now. We have some that came to me and said that they even asked to be off. And they said you need this drug because it’ll keep you from craving heavy drugs. And my understanding that they get $1,000 per person that take this drug. It’s not about helping them, it’s about benefits. And the benefit is the CDC will get $1,000 per inmate, that accept the drug in crisis. So we talkin’ about $2,000 a head for inmates to take illegal drugs. I think that it should be stopped, I think it should be investigated. And I’m going to do whatever I can to pursue it to make sure that no inmate be forced to take something that they shouldn’t be taking. It is an ongoing thing in every prison, that I was told, in the state of California. And it’s looks like the taxpayer is paying for it. And nobody know what’s going on. And so I’m not making this story up. It’s a real story. And I’m not doing it just because I’m in the prison system. I only have two years left, and I’m going to fight CDC or any other any other organizations that take advantage of people are in prison or out of prison. And I’m going to fight the justice system the prison system any of their abortion in prison and they didn’t even know that abortion had in a female prison now with an abortion. A young lady had an abortion in prison. I didn’t think that would be true, but it was. So it’s a lot of thing that’s going on and people does not know about the inside the prison. I am going to be correct and honest and bring what I get in the prison system and it’s nothing to be made up. It’s nothing that somebody’s just telling me. I looked at the facts. I actually have information, I requested information. And everything that I’m going to address will be the truth and nothing but the truth.

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