Prison Radio
Omar Askia Ali

In most states in America, there’s parole eligibility for people with a life sentence, but not in Pennsylvania.

However, the remedy for Pennsylvania is a legislative bill in order to be in lockstep with the current era. Therein to this end, the court of public opinion must be educated through the schemes of why a segment of the 5,000 prisoners with life sentences in Pennsylvania are prisoners.

Some because of all-white juries, which is a form of high-tech execution. Informants which the defendants were never aware of until after they were incarcerated, because the DA said probable cause with something else. Another tactic is corruption by former police officers.

Such says Jeffrey Walker, see M F A Z L O L L A H, at Philly News 9/16/16 came forward. There’s also information that the freedom of information that refused to willingly give to the accused that which will benefit them. Competency is a form of terrorism to all concerned. Therefore lifers nationwide must keep all options on the table, meaning DNA court procedures and commutations because there are many cases of false confessions and flawed eyewitnesses’ identification. To add insult to injury is the chronic problem with attorneys regardless if probably retained or court-appointed. Need I mention public defenders who are underpaid and overworked.

Please Google the issues mentioned for your understanding of the so-called justice system.

My name is Omar Askia Ali AKA Edward Sistrunk. Thank you very much.