Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

I’ve been waitin’ to go to the specialists for my ears; I finally went yesterday. I get all the way there, in Jackson, to get told that nothing is wrong. The doctor, he had that little thing that they look at here, he didn’t even stick it all the way in my ear, he’s like, “oh it’s clear, it’s nothing,” when you could see, you could see this stuff running out my ears, and you could see how it’s caked up all in my ears. My face is swoll, it’s hot .. uh, my throat .. and I’m beggin’ the doctor like, I thought you was gonna do some results and some tests that they told me you was gonna do some tests, that’s what I’ve been waiting for. So I get, go all the way there and wait this long! They all working together, and I had just saw Dr. Ellis before I see the specialist I didn’t know I had a [?] but I went to see him (Dr. Ellis) at 7:30 this morning, yesterday morning. I get in there, he talking and I’m asking him, he’s looked at my hands, my hands so big, “Oh, that ain’t nothin”. He pushed in my leg, his fingerprint is still in my leg right, right now. He’s like, “Oh yeah, you retainin’ a little sore.” I said, a little sore? I said, you didn’t even push all the way in there, and look how deep your handprint is in! You know something is wrong, this is, this is not a game, this is my life, it’s not a show! This is not a game this is my life sir. He like, uh … I said when I’m gonna go see the allergy specialist that I’m supposed to be seeing every six months that’s what I was told. “Oh, you’re not, you not going to see them. You are not going to see them.” I said, Why am I not going to see them? “Because everything they do, I can do.” I said, you’re not, you don’t specialize in that. How .. what you mean sir? I said what about doing it on a video? “No, you’re not.” It’s all the doctors who did test us and told them something’s wrong and they want to see me and do follow up? They won’t let me, they will not let me see those doctors. So I’m just asking like what happened what’s going on with the heart specialist? Oh, you will be going, you been told me my appointment was already scheduled. Now is you tellin’ me it’s not scheduled? And um, I’m like, I’m like you’ve been telling me that y’all just been lying the whole time. “Oh, I’m gonna see what’s going on with it,” like this is serious. This is my life! Then he .. he go on talkin’ about “Well I think, you know what I think is wrong?” And I said yes sir. “Oh, well, I think that you don’t like the prison, and you don’t want to be here so it’s all in your head and your mind makes telling, making you think that something is wrong.” I said, This is sad for a doctor to say, you have bloodwork, you got medical reactions, you’ve got results and everything in black and white telling you something’s wrong. Like I said that’s very hurtful for you to say this, I said, You see it! He like .. I said that’s why I don’t want to see you, like you’re not taking my life, he’s not taking anything serious. Then I’m like, so what are we gonna do about this, what’s goin’ on? Oh, I said do some blood more blood work, I said I really need to go see the allergy specialist he’s this is a whole cover up. So he’s like “okay I’m order some blood work.” Make a long story short, he knew I was going to see to the ear, the specialists, for my ears, he knew the whole time. It’s just like, he just playing games here he gonna say “Oh, I think you need a foot massage.” Like I’m so uncomfortable with this these words this there was this doctor a [?] doctor. Like this man is sick. They’re always sick. It’s terrible. Like this he playing games and takin’ them like it’s a joke.

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