Prison Radio
Khalfani Malik Khaldun

Good morning. My name is brother Khalfani Malik Khaldun. I am calling from in Indiana Department of Corrections, Wabash Valley Corrrectional Facility, and this is the greatest American hypocrisy, all power to the people.

Since when did conscious people elect sexual predators and open white supremacists to the office of the president of these United States? Since when have anyone got elected into the White House as commander in chief of the free world that has no background in the political scene whatsoever?

People who hated and desired the black president Barack Obama killed for occupying the White House voted for and secured the election of money mogul and venture capitalist Donald Trump. I am not mad or shocked, for we are only witnessing a reawakening of racism and institutional white supremacy in this fascist country, while I am loving how our activists and youth are protesting in droves in opposition to his election.

Being an advocate and support of women empowerment, I felt that election of Hillary Clinton could symbolize female empowerment, so I was looking forward to her nomination. While I understand she has some issues herself, she however represents through her life’s work and political career the greatest skills and experience to be in charge of this country. Yet again, the ugliness of a racist country steeped in sexism and predominantly controlled by white men, they know the election of Hillary Clinton would have overturned a lot of sexist policies and laws in place to limit the oppression of women.

Donald Trump is now a symbol that encourages all white supremacist organizations. All the Southern Indiana correctional officers here at this prison are beaming with extreme excitement. Their prayers were answered capitalism, fear, hate, ignorance navigated this election to its victory.

I call on all activists, revolutionary groups, left-wing comrades to create active spaces, to hold think tanks and self-defense classes. Soon, we will see rise in emotional hate crimes and racial acts against people of color. And our European and foreign comrades living here in America: secure your legal license to carry or possess your own personal firearm for protection. This is your constitutional right. Self-defense and survival, determination is not a crime. It’s a right.

I am Sunni Muslim. I am not a terrorist. My obligation is to protect and serve the people, not harm them. Power to the people, and power to the people who love freedom. Anyone want a direct link or line to me can send an email or a text-like communication, go to and set up your own personal account. Shoot me an email. Forever committed to serving you. Your brother, Khalfani Malik Khaldun.

These commentaries are recorded by Noelle Hanrahan of Prison Radio.