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The warden hisself came in here today. The Deputy Allen came here today. And I tried to approach the warden about myself because I’m trying to show him how my body is swole from head to toe, face and everything. I was told by Deputy Allen to step back, so I tried to wait.

The warden get finished talking to the other inmate, I tried to approach him, he gon’ tell me I had to kite him. But everybody else can go to this man, the warden himself, but when it comes to Krystal Denise Clark, they shoot me down. They- it’s so much retaliation. Every time I see this Deputy Allen, and this lady harass me, she won’t help me, she won’t do anything. This is sad. This is wrong. She’d been picking with me all day from this lawsuit that we got on now.

And also, the state representatives came up here and seent us, and I told everything that was doing wrong to us, I told, right in they face, I didn’t lie, I didn’t make up nothing, I didn’t add nothing. I told the truth. Now they just sit up there, they walk past me, they won’t talk to me, they tell me put in kites, I put in grievance, kites, none of my grievance come back. They are getting rid of my paperwork. I know that for a fact, because it’s a lot- they not responding. They also they say they don’t receive nothing. How you don’t receive nothing when I write in a box, the mailbox with cameras that they can see? This is sad. This is really sad.

We just had two deaths back to back. I think it was last week. This is sad. They are killing us off here, and I’m not afraid to say it. They wait for people- we tell them about our health. They sit and wait months and months until it ate up our body and then we’d be on our deathbed before they help us. That’s how these older ladies- and that’s how we are dying in here because they’re waiting on the last minute to help us. Everybody is not faking. This place is killing us. And no one is really paying attention in here because they really don’t care. I’m not gonna say- I’m not gonna say no one, because some of the officers try to do what they can, but they get shut down. They get in trouble from doing they job the right way.

This is terrible. I’m sorry, excuse my language. This is- this is terrible. And like I say, I try to pray the New Year thinking that yeah, maybe they see people are reaching out to them about us and trying to help us and it is still ain’t working. You’re still not gonna help us, warden. You still act like nothing is going on when you see these ladies dying every day. You see these older people. You see even these young people with cancer just get sick every, every- it’s mighty strange and- it’s a lot of people keep getting cancer or thyroid issues and stuff that they have. Everybody getting the same thing. It’s something- this place is killing us.

Y’all covering up so now they want to act like that I made up this about they [inaudible] when it got to people that they say its crazy, flood the toilets, put feces everywhere, now they want to come over and try to paint over it to make me seem like I was lying about it, but they could roll them cameras back and see what they doing. This is not acceptable. I would never deny anything is going to help me that I’ve been waiting for for years to get treatment. I would never do that. I was forced to sign off. I be asking every day for my treatments and help, and this is what they do, this is what they do. And then they tell me I need to keep my mouth closed? I’m never going to keep my mouth closed until God tell me to. This is not right. This is not right how we living. Somebody need to come in and see why these people is dying like this.

Things change, this year, for a lot of us to get out of here, the ones who do want to go home, the ones who staff right I just feel like it’s gonna happen for us. For the mans that’s locked up, we fight for you too. I stand with y’all. We appreciate y’all. Thank you for this radio station. We are really from my heart love y’all. Appreciate, I just really appreciate it. My name is Krystal Denise Clark, inmate number 435064, WHV, the valley of death. I hope a lot of people are listening to this.

Everything I say is the truth. I’m not going to stop fighting, and I just pray that they look into a lot of these deaths and look into the warden and his deputies and his higher-ups because they just doing a lot of cover-ups. And if a family is losing they family in here, do not let them tell you anything. They are covering up a lot of deaths in here, lying and saying that this is- they are killing us in here. Don’t let them tell you anything about your family who died in here because they covering it up, and I’m not afraid to tell you look into that. We love y’all, I just thank y’all so much, and y’all will hear from me soon. Appreciate it. I really appreciate it.Thank you so so so much.

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