Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Krystal Denise Clark. My inmate number is 435064, in WHV, the valley of death.

It’s been a long roll. I’d just like to say, first of all, I’m very thankful and grateful for all the support and honest supporters. I’m short my breath a little bit, bear with me, please bear with me.

This place. I mean what I say, everybody has listened to everything I have said, I’ve been very truthful with y’all. This is so wrong how they doing me. They still haven’t gave me my wheelchair. They still took the stuff, soap, my deodorant, my cocoa butter stuff, stuff I need for my health, but I know the guy got this, but one thing for sure, all the retaliation and harassment what they doing to me, I just pray that they get behind bars.

They try to send me to health care every week, but it’s a cover up. They not doing nothing. I paid for some of my medical records, looked in there. Everything I had reported about this mold, how it’s affected me, ain’t nothing in there. They haven’t put nothing in there. This is totally unacceptable. They can hear on the speaker at every visit without telling them how I feel, and they don’t they don’t report it. These doctors, nurses, the system, they need to get in a lot of trouble. It’s not only me. I stand for all of us, but I’m tired of this.

I’m so tired of can’t breathe, gotta sit up and sleep because I’m scared to close my eyes, that I won’t wake up. I’m out here to try to walk and just stay strong. Even though it’s affecting me, they don’t care. I’m trying to do everything they asked me to do, and I still not get no help? I’m still getting played like this is my fault? Y’all failed me, because when I told them that I couldn’t breathe, breaking out, everything I was telling them, nose bleeds, everything, my ears, they waited to the last minute to help me and told me I was faking, like I said it was plenty of times when they put me in that infirmary for three months! And told me that I had to stay over there until they find out what it was. Y’all found out what it was, I did all that blood work, I just went and told yall that the mold is highly affecting me, and not just affecting me, it affects all of us, and y’all don’t care.

Like this is unstoppable. People say like “Don’t say it” but I’m just speaking the truth. I need help. I’m scared that I might lose my life in here. My body is speeding up, I can’t eat, I’m dropping weight. I still try. This is unstoppable This like I say, and let me say this: for the mans who’s supporting us womens in here, I stand and use my voice for y’all, because there’s a lot of y’all in there that’s innocent too. We stand for y’all, hope that y’all get free. I’m gonna say like this.

They say when you commit a crime, they say, and a person don’t know that person committed a crime but they still get charged. So how about this? They in there walking past this, looking at them treating me like this and doing me like that, and not speaking up, so they should get in bars too right? They should get charged. This is insufferable. I didn’t do this to myself.

I used to think I was so pretty and looked in the mirror every day. I don’t even think that no more about myself.

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