Prison Radio
Khalfani Malik Khaldun

All power to the people from the desk of brother Khalfani Khaldun.

Since November 2022, in the incident where I was forced to hold my urine on an outside trip from Westfield to Avon, IN, this single episode caused me to be hospitalized due to my urine bagging back into my body, causing my kidneys to go into acute failure, my prostate to grow twice its normal size, and my bladder experienced a lot of trouble. Both my prostate and my bladder bleed profusely.

While at the hospital, to stop the bleeding, doctors had to conduct three surgical procedures on me to stop the bleeding. I was discharged with a catheter due to the bladder getting compromised. After having it inside my body for 48 days, it was recently removed, and 14 days, I pray for a normal flow. All I could get was a dribble or a few lone spurts.

On March 3rd, 2023, I was sent to the emergency room again because my urine stopped coming out. After two unsuccessful exits to insert a catheter to drain the urine, they called my doctor to help. I was put to sleep. They removed four liters of urine from my bladder that wasn’t coming out without the catheter being inserted. It is called a Foley catheter.

I was later discharged three days ago, now in the prison infirmary for a few days for observation. I [inaudible] leave that hospital with another catheter stuck inside of my private parts because it is an uncomfortable device, and they have explained to me that once you have a catheter for a certain amount of time, there’s no doubt that you’re going to contract germs and infections as a result of it being stuck inside of your body.

The doctor stated that my bladder has to heal all from its recent trauma, so during my next appointment with my urologist, it could possibly get removed. I’ve scheduled for a biopsy on my prostate hoping I’m not dealing with prostate cancer. I need you to keep your prayers. The struggle continues. All power to the people.

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