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Chad Smith

Hello everybody, this is Chad Smith, 5322914, from Michigan. The guy that got shot by the police on August 3rd, 2018. I’m doing an update right now for everybody out there that’s followed my profile, that’s- that’s listening. Everybody that’s been supporting me thanks to all of y’all. 

I seriously need some help on this case. I thank you, with, Notes From The Village, and all the other podcasts and all the other platforms that I have. You can reach me on at ChadSmith532291. 

Now, my attorney is now frustrated. He told me to contact the Attorney General. The court has refused my due process and not allow my attorney to timely file pretrial motions on my behalf to preserve and challenge issues on the record. Wayne County Third Circuit Court is weaponizing the justice system against black men in Detroit being victimized by unnecessary police force and violence. They are weaponizing the justice system against us out here as Donald Trump said.  

This is a true and real thing that’s going on, and these are facts that I’m speaking. Police still can’t find body cam footage of when they shot me in the back. I got shot in the back several times. And the police has lost the body cam footage. It was several police.   

I still haven’t been to trial since 2018, when this happened. I still haven’t been to trial, and they holdin’ me on a bogus parole hold for this case that I still haven’t been to trial for almost six years later. 

What is going on with the justice system? They weaponizing the justice system against black people, as Donald Trump said, I mean, can we get some type of supporters? I mean, I need Benjamin Crump or somebody man, I need somebody that’s gonna do something on my case. 

I love y’all. Thank you for all my supporters out there, I thank and hopefully somebody can reach out to me and help me out man, as soon as possible. Thank you. 

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