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Update On My Case

Chad Smith

Hello everybody, this is Chad Smith, 5322914, from Michigan. The guy that got shot by the police on August 3rd, 2018. I’m doing an update right now for everybody out there that’s followed my profile,… Full Transcript

Abuse of My Mental Illness

DeAngelo Betts

DeAngelo Betts again 265332. Michigan Department of Correction. I’m alone in maximum right now. And still in segregation, been in segregation since November 2022. And they continue to use my mental illness–bipolar disorder–as a handicap… Full Transcript

Police Shooting Cover Up

Chad Smith

Hello everyone, this is Chad Smith, Number 532291, at the Macomb Correctional Facility in Michigan. I’ve also posted on Friends Beyond the Walls and Notes From the Village, on Facebook. I was just, received the… Full Transcript

SCI-Frackville’s Flint, Michigan Rampant Water Contamination

Bryant Arroyo

SCI Frackville’s Flint, MI rampant water contamination. The captive audience at SCI Frackville erupted with inquiries about the visible and odiferous changes experienced with the running water supply during the week of 6/13/16 through 6/23/16.… Full Transcript