Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Okay, how you doing? My name is Krystal Clark. My inmate number is 435064, and I’m in WHV. It’s a lot going on right now. This prison is – we getting harassed, retaliate from calling the radio station, explaining to them what’s going on with us. There’s a lot of us scared to call. I guess whatever’s gonna happen’s gonna happen. I just took the chance to call. The 15th, 2/15, we had an inspection going on in the prison. The attorneys came in, Lansing came in, to look at the mold. It’s a – lots was going on. I was retaliate. I had a conference call at 8:30am, I made it at the control center at 8:20am, my call ended at 8:55am.

They made my aid leave. I went to the desk asking them could I leave. They told me no, they gave me a direct order to go and sit in a room. And I asked them, “Why? Why I can’t leave? My call is over with.” I was talked to any kind of way, made to stay in the room from 8am ’til almost one o’clock. And so the attorneys left off grounds.

They wouldn’t let them see me, they hid me in the room. No food, no water, no medication. I take, really, a lot of medications, serious medications, for my health. And I talked to the warden about it today. He looked at me and just turned around his back. Wouldn’t even talk to me, I talked to the [ ] Lopez, and I said, and I told her what’s going on. They played it off like they didn’t know anything. And they knew. It’s just a lot going on.

Then we get told, “Oh, call the Prison Radio. That’s what y’all do.” It’s a lot of people getting in trouble from calling this, calling the radio station.

I had a med run today. I didn’t go. They play games. They don’t want people to see me. They [ ] my help. And we need help in here. We need help. The officers, they, they even scared to help us. They even say that – it’s, this is terrible. Like, this is pitiful. I know it’s someone out there can help us. We – our life is in danger. We are dying. I’m allergic to the mold. They got me housed in it. I’m – my body is failing, my – this is, just, it’s terrible. We should be able to explain to and talk to someone is helping us and tell them what’s going on without getting punished. Like all we hearing about, “Oh, we heard y’all on the radio station, we heard y’all interview.” We getting retaliate against. This is not right. This is not right.

Now, I’m not going on my med runs, going to the hospital. They not sending me out. They telling me my appointment been rescheduled. The warden? And he turnt his head and see me like this. My eyes are so unsafe that I got this eye patch, these antibiotics they give me. The officer today, he tried to help me. My ear is just cold, stuffed full of – they say it’s fungus, due to the mold.

No one is, no one is helping us. Like, and the ladies that is scared to help, I’m speaking on they behalf. We need help in here. This place is so nasty. We don’t get cleaning stuff. We get forced to made to get clean when it’s inspection to make the place look good. They covered the mold up so it can look like it’s no mold in here. My health, and other healths – we need help. Like we really need help.

These commentaries are recorded by Prison Radio.