Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Krystal Clark. My inmate number is 435064. I’m in WHV Huron Women’s Valley Prison.

It’s – I don’t even, I don’t even know where to start, it’s so much going on in here. Uh, I’m really sick. I want to start off telling my story about I, I got sentenced to 17 and a half years for a crime I didn’t do. Railroaded by the judge and the prosecutor. No one is looking into that. I did 12, 12 years now.

And this prison has tore me down. I told you before I had to use a walker, my ear is leaking, running. I cannot hear. Now, my eyes is infected. I can’t really see out my right eye, it’s infected. My body is swole from head to toes. From head to toes. My heart – I have to sleep sitting up because I can’t lay down, because I feel like I’m not going to make it. Like, I close my eyes, feel like my heart, my heart is like coming out my body. I talked to Doctor S. This doctor told me before, got in my face and told me I was crazy, weren’t nothing wrong with me but my mental.

[ ] Jones. They supposed to help us. They treat us so unfair, so unfair. Um, they found out last year – they had to rush me to the hospital in March. I got admitted right away cause I had an infection in my ear and my throat. Could’ve killed me. And they kept on telling me wasn’t nothing wrong. From this day forward I still suffer. They cannot even get in my ear, it’s so infected. I’ve been on so many antibiotics, so much medicine I’m taking right now. And no one seems to care.

All my surgeries – I was supposed to have is denied. They deny everything. I went to see an allergy specialist. They told them do not house me in a – with mold or nothing, that’s to say, my body, I’m highly allergic to them. I saw them last year and I just saw them January 11th. They told, he told them about my sinus, that everything is going on. Most of it is due to the mold. They ignored it. They not, they don’t care.

I just don’t know where to start. You get harassed when you complain about your health, you talk about your health. And nothing has been done – all this medicine, nothing is working. I feel like if something is swelling, my brains, like I’m just so swole from head to toes, like it burns, it come out my legs, is burnt. And I do want to say on one of the nurse’s behalf, nurse Porter, she do do all she can to help us, but it’s so much she can do. Everything she try to do, they really don’t let her do nothing. And she the one, the reason I got to the hospital in the first place, because the doctors was sitting there letting me suffer. “Nothing wrong. Give her medication.” If nothing is wrong, how come I’ve been on over 15 medications, all of his cream and everything that’s happened – if nothing is wrong, you treating me for nothing, so why I’m taking all this medication? If nothing is wrong? And nothing is touching it. I’m suffering with three bacterias on my respiratory in my lungs. That I’ve been on many and many antibiotics. One is due to terminate the water that we drinking, but there’s noth – they said nothing is wrong with the water. They hid the mold, that the inmates painted over the mold.

This is, this is terrible. I’m just asking for somebody, if anybody can hear me and understand what we going through in here. We are sick. We are dying in here. I’m very – just need some help. We need some help. I can barely even see now, I’m getting to the point my whole body is just breaking down. Like I just asked for – these, these doctors are supposed to have our best interests?

They not doing nothing? They just treating us like we just – that there, we need to do background checks on them. The warden know about this. Everyone know about this. The government – nothing has been done. We might hear about us one time, maybe twice, and don’t hear about nothing about the women’s – the prison – no more? And then they hear us talking on the phone, we get our rooms shook down, we get harassed. This just, this needs to stop. Someone needs to come in here and help us. We need help. Like I don’t want to lose my life in here. And that’s what it feels like it’s coming to. That’s what exactly it feel like it’s coming to. I’m tired of being in pain. I’m tired and I can’t eat, really, can’t sleep. My face is twisted to one side like I had a stroke – no one is talking about that. No one, every time I talk to the doctor, today I’m trying to explain to her like look at this and, “Oh, we not here for that today.” What we here for, ma’am? ‘Cause you already put my life in danger. What are we – what we gonna do? “Oh, I’m gonna give you some more antibiotics and some eye drops.”

We need to send me to a hospital. They won’t even send me to the hospital because they know how they have me sitting here suffering. This is wrong. This is totally wrong. This place is so nasty. If we don’t have, really, cleaning stuff, we run out of cleaning stuff, cleaning with water – it’s, it’s bad here. It feel like every time I drink this water, it feel like stuff is crawling in my body. I get sick, I throw up. You already say the virus- I’ve had this virus since last year and the bacteria. You saying that it’s not going away, it’s never going to go away until I get out of this place. So I’m supposed to sit here and suffer. That’s pretty much what the doctor told me – I had to deal with it. Like it’s nothing to do, deal with it?

They told me so much stuff that I don’t know, I don’t even know what to believe or know what to say. l really don’t – I’m confused myself. And my memories. It’s so much I probably forgot, my memories, that y’all gotta bear with me. I’m just saying is if anybody out there can help, and hear this and help us. Please. We need help. This place tell us, “Y’all can call whoever you y’all want. Ain’t nothing gonna happen. Ain’t nothing gonna be done.”

And they – I’ve been down 12 years now and nothing has been done. Nothing has been done. They took 17 years of my life for something I didn’t do and I’m just sitting here away from my kids, sitting here suffering, dying in a place that’s not helping us and don’t care. They don’t care. And I don’t care if they hear me, somebody need to help us. They listen to me and I don’t even care about the harassing no more, someone need to hear this. We need help. Please, someone. Please, please help us. I’m so tired of this, I’m just – my head aches, it feel like, like something is blunted in my brains. If you can just see my health and see how I’m looking in this. My body broke out rashes. I never had these problems. I didn’t have the heart condition and asthma.

I am suffering with so many health problems. I never been like this in my life. I want to walk on my own, I don’t wanna use this walker, I wanna walk on my own. They not even trying to help me. They just tell me anything to shut me up . [ ] Jones, she’s supposed to be trying to help us . She just tell me anything to hush me.

Like, this is not right. The doctors – this is not right. I really appreciate nurse Porter. I really, really appreciate her and thank her because she about the only one really, really, you know, trying to help. And it’s a lot of thoughts I’m probably leaving out but my memories right now are so bad.

I don’t want to be in pain. I wanna sleep. I wanna eat. Help. I’m so tired of this, going through this, and everybody just looking and they see what’s going on. They tell me, they look at me like just, “What’s going on? You don’t look the same. We can see what’s going on with you.” But ain’t none of them coming out there and helping. It’s something y’all can do. None of you had to leave y’all names.

It’s something y’all can do, y’all can report what’s going on. And go to the head person, if you scared, and tell them what’s going on, ‘stead you letting us sit here and suffer. I thought y’all was supposed to help us. I thought y’all was here to help, like, and care. Even though this is y’all job, you’re just sitting up there letting us suffer and die? And in pain? And just give us all kind of medication to shut us up, or gave you Benadryl to put you to sleep so when you go to sleep, you won’t think about nothing. This is acceptable. This is, this is – they need to be charged for this. They need to be charged, this is criminal. You sitting there letting me suffer and die and you see what’s going on with me. You see the changes, you see the hair loss, you see my skin changes, you see, you see the heart issues, you see the bacteria that I’m suffering with, the loss of hearing, my eye is now infected. And nothing is being done? Oh, just take medication and go sleep? Just to shut me up? This is, this is not fair, I don’t even look the same. I want back my self. I want back my self. This is, this is unbelievable, man, this is unstoppable. I been saying so for a whole – over a year – and nothing has been done with stuff leaking on out my legs, my body. Rashes all from head to toes and nobody care? Nobody’s doing nothing? But you say, “Oh, we gonna see you,” just to shut me up and I don’t get seen. And I’m begging for help, crying out for help, and they telling me like, “We see what’s going on, but it’s out our hands. You gotta talk to the warden.” You a doctor.

You could tell them, you could let the warden know, “Oh, we can’t do that. We got a policy of what we can’t do.” What you mean? So you’re the warden. You got a policy to just let me sit here and suffer before you can even – ’cause there’s a policy that y’all can’t do your contract, you said? Well, how do I supposed to talk to the warden? You a doctor.

I tell them everything what’s going on with me. He see what’s going on. They see. They won’t put it in the computer, they act like nothing’s going on. So when you get your medical records, nothing is in – really, is in there because they don’t write it down. That’s what they do in here. And this is bold. This is bold. This is not right.

What if it was them? And they kids or they grandbabies?I got grandbabies I wanna make it home to. I got kids I wanna make it home to.

This is unstoppable, I just talked to my auntie, this is unstoppable, I don’t want to sit here and lose my life in here. I just asked her for help. And they not helping me. They’ll send you out on med runs for the wrong thing. When you get there, you can’t even explain to them what’s going on ’cause you thinking you’re going out there for help and you’re going out there for different stuff. This is terrible. It’s just so sad. So I’m just asking for anybody out there to help. This is sad, like even the officers, you know, it’s, they, some of them, there’s the ones who try to help ’cause they get harassed when they try to help. But y’all see what’s going on. Why y’all can’t report what’s going on? I know y’all got a job. Y’all got families too. But you just sit there and you could be in their shoes, you could be in my shoes though, you can.

And you could be going through the same thing. You wouldn’t wanna go through this.

This is not right. This is not right. You just get harassed, retaliated against, but I will take it just for someone to hear my story and hear what’s going on, for the women, ’cause some people are scared to even call and say things because the retaliation, ’cause they don’t have family support. This is ridiculous. This is ridiculous. And all I’m asking is for help. And my name is Krystal Clark. And I, and I just want to shout out this radio station and thank everybody who will listen and the support that people have been giving me. Thank y’all so, so much. Thank y’all so, so, so much. We – and for the women can’t tell y’all thanks, I’m telling you thanks for all us. Is there anybody out there to help us, the government? Anybody? Someone. Someone.

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