Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Crystal Denise Clark. My MA number is 435064 I’m in WHV–the Valley of death. They are killing us in here. They trying to turn us against each other, you know. It’s that the doctors in here–there’s ladies in here that’s pregnant, they are getting sick, the mold is affecting them, they are getting sick. This as well as, the Dr. Ellis is playing with my life. He won’t tell me my results, so my results is not, you know, good. The nurse has told me, but he won’t go over them with me. I still [stutter]–this is a shame bear with me– He took my heart medicine and didn’t renew it for like over a month! My blood pressure has been high. I’m still swollen up. The stuff still is crusty all in my ears, leaking. Like the ladies in the infirmary gets hurt one of them is over there and we don’t know if she gon’ make it or not. It’s only I just want to know like for the attorneys like–y’all don’t want to take prisoner cases and a lot of y’all don’t. But when we die, y’all first to call our family, don’t let it wait to that time! We need help right now! Like please help us, like the water is, like the drinking fountain–it’s gray. It stank! We’re drinking out [of] one fountain because we don’t really have clean and fresh water! We can’t stay in the shower for even like five or ten minutes because it’s breaking us out and we itchin’ so bad! Like this is wrong! The food that we eat is so disgusting! They run out of food, and scrap [unintelligible]–like throw it everywhere–that is E coli. Like you can catch all kinds of bacteria from this food! I’m so tired and I try to stay strong but it’s just–it’s killing me! I’m tired of how we gotta deal with some of the officers, you know, we got some good ones. But we got some bad ones! [They] treat us like nothing–coming here and just terrorize us and torture us for no reason! Like this is not–this is not cool. This is unstoppable. I’ve been wanting to talk to y’all–this is unstoppable. Healthcare, “deathcare”, they need to go down. This prison need to go down. Just like that other prison that they did, we need this prison right here to be investigated because this is wrong. Watch how you watch–and all of them know about it. And then you got inmates in here trying to harass you, torture you–go and look up your cases, and talk about you. Y’all supposed to be–we supposed to stick together! But, the officers got us doing this–this is unstoppable y’all, they are torturing us in here like we need help. Like if anybody hearin’ us and listen to us, and I know y’all do. I love y’all, man, we need help before it’s too late. And I’m speaking for all of us, not just me. We need help. Dr Ellis–all of them–Dr. Ellis, Director Jones, [unintelligible], they nurses–every time I go over there I’m getting treated so bad like everybody gets treated–like some of them, you know, they treat them nicely, and me I come over there? Like the cameras, speakers, prove everything. Why, uh, Miss Washington [stutter] she say–why she can’t come in here and talk to a couple of us and pull us out and see if we can give her the times and dates so she can see that it’s–we tellin’ the truth? She don’t want to do that because I feel like she’s in on it and it’s all about money for them. Like the warden, he ought to be ashamed of himself. Like he need to stay in here for a couple of days and see how he got–he probably can’t even do time. Like this is wrong. Like a lot of us in here–we should not even be here. But we didn’t get a sentence to die! They killin’ us! Please help us. All our bodies gettin’ all kinds of white spots. We gettin’ mold everywhere. Rashes is comin’ up our bodies. Like this is unstoppable. Red spots and they just telling it ain’t nothing wrong? And coverin’ up my health and covered up my medical? Please help us. A lot of y’all–I haven’t been getting letters so if y’all been writing me, they probably been, you know, taking our mail, playing with our mail but–we need some support. Jpay us or something, let us know that y’all hear us. We love y’all and thank y’all so much. It’s a lot of stuff that I [sigh], it’s a lot but I will be calling y’all back soon. Love y’all so much. Thank you.

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