Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

Mumia Abu-Jamal: Where you from? Where you from? 

Speaker 2: I’m from Germany. 

Mumia Abu-Jamal: What part of Germany? 

Speaker 2: Uh, southern part of Germany, near the Black Forest.  Near “Old” Stuttgart, southern.

Mumia Abu-Jamal: Near Stuttgart? 

Speaker 2: Yeah, near Stuttgart, mm-hmm. Was you over there? 

Mumia Abu-Jamal: No, my brother was over there. 

Speaker 2;: Uh huh, yeah. 

Mumia Abu-Jamal: When did you leave Germany? 

Speaker 2: Oh, I left Germany in 1942. I’ve been over there since and uh,  war was bad. Ah well, war is hell. So, it was bad over there. And I come from the farm. I know nothing but working hard on a farm and not spoiled. You know, that’s why I eat all the vegetables. 

Mumia Abu-Jamal  (laughs)

Speaker 2: Apples and everything. 

Mumia Abu-Jamal: Yeah. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, mm-hmm. Sometimes I wish I was there. You know, sometimes I say, oh on birthdays they all get together, you know? And here I am on my birthday all alone, you know. 

Mumia Abu-Jamal: Sound like you miss your Germany. 

Speaker 2: Well I miss workin’ there on the farm. You know? I’m so used to working hard. I can’t sit still. If I ever have to sit still, I couldn’t take it. But sometimes life itself is not enough. You know what I mean? Sometimes just life itself is not enough.