Prison Radio
Krystal Clark

Hi, my name is Krystal Denise Clark. My inmate number is 435064 from WHV, the valley of death.

I’m not really doing good at all today. I woke up. My face has swole. Even worse than … My ears was running, so I went to the officer, she looked at it, she called over their health care, she verified it, I get over there and want something, sit over there, wait to see the nurse, the doctor Goodwin walked past, and I said, please just got to talk to you, she said, yes, why you so swole, why your face so swole, she said it instantly before I even said anything. So she say when the nurse see you, have them come get me or Ellis. So I get back there, I was treated so unfair by nurse [inaudible], a lot of paperwork on this lady, she asked me stop all that bitching and everything, I wasn’t even bitching, and this is my health if I was. And why you so angry at me?

To make a long story short, my blood pressure was just a little bit, but my heart rate got up to 115 to 129. I’ve been telling them everyday, how my heart and everything like, make a long story short, I want the doctor to come in, Dr. Ellis come in to see someone else, then the lady come in for me, she said, you come on, let’s go, wanna go to my office, I said yes. I see Dr. Ellis tell the nurse behind like he thought I didn’t see him, to tell the nurse to go run to the office and tell the lady, so we in here before we can get talking, he come in talking about step out, I already knew what it was, I stepped out. Dr. Ellis walking fast around the corner, all three of them go in there before she is, all three of them go in there.

Dr. Ellis is playing with my life. He is playing with my life. I already knew he was something, giving me nothing, and nothing say, say nothing is wrong, but she had already said it. So I go in there after they said go in there, she come, where are you, what make you think you swollen, I said ma’am, you already verified it, so I said, you already thought, so what you mean, you just said why I’m so swollen, I said, you know, I knew Dr. Ellis is … Everything is infecting me. This man is playing with my health. This is the same man that … I’m so tired. My chest … So make a long story short, she looked at my ears, she could tell they was infected. She like, oh you don’t have an infection, that’s just dry skin. You told me I had a bad infection until he … Then we in here talking, I see him through the mirror of the door telling her like, don’t get me nothing, hurry up and get me out of there. And then he called on the phone, don’t give her no antibiotics, she don’t have a session and all this and that. He told her something. She’s like yeah, no, I’m onto it.

I mean, what doctors do this? They are really playing with my life. I’m so tired. Y’all should’ve see how I mistreated and how they doing me. They covering up my health, they covering my ears and stuff. It’s so bad. My face is really big, like. This is wrong, this is very … This is retaliation, clear as day. Like you can see it. You leave your other patients to hurry up to run into this doctor, not to treat me and give me nothing. So she gave me eardrops. Before I get to the unit and sit down, she went … I guess him and her had a talk when I left, she told me she’s not giving me the eardrops because she don’t want me to get an infection. You see me got an infection! So she puts the eardrops back, told me I wouldn’t get them, she wasn’t ordering them cause I was on them I think a year ago.

Make this make sense. These killing doctors are killing me in here. I’m not doing good. I told my mother yesterday that I was doing real good, I got eighteen diagnosis. What is the eighteen diagnosis, because y’all haven’t told me nothing? Y’all keeping this from me y’all covering my health up because this mold is killing me. I’m getting fought for my own health? This is insane.

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