Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

Every day, every night, through various media, we feed on fear.

We feast on it.

It matters not the measure, nor its girth; we devour it, for we cannot get enough.

‘So and So is coming!’, ‘ISIS threatens!’ –and we munch our muffins of terror.

The nation throws billions into government and private security – and ends up more insecure than ever.

New barriers are built; cameras click on more and more street corners more doors are locked.

And fear grows.

Since 9/11, a kind of madness erupted in the country, and after all is said and done, all the wars, all the carnage, all the loss – has led to little more than pixie dust (nothing).

Newscasts have become fear-casts, as government and media converge to sow dragon’s teeth of fear into the minds of millions: “Coming up next – new threats!”

The road taken by this nation after 9/11 led to this mad, fear-drenched hour.

It could only have led to this; for fear can only lead to fear.

It fuels governments.

It feeds media.

It devours reason.

Yet it grows, eating us as we eat it.

And we are still not full.