Prison Radio
Mumia Abu-Jamal

The image of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu presiding over a joint session of Congress was deeply disturbing on many levels.

First, it was a carefully calculated insult to a sitting [African]-American President, Barack Obama.

Secondly, it was an act of supreme chutzpah, of a so-called ally lecturing its sponsor on what treaties it should or shouldn’t negotiate and/or sign.

Third, it was a sign of the deep contempt with which an American political party – the Republicans – hold for a Democratic president.

It looked bad. It smelled bad.

It radiated epic levels of political ugliness.

There is more.

The recent Israeli slaughter of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza still sends forth clouds of death into the air – and the architect of this carnage – Benyamin Netanyahu – gets wild applause by a Congress that seems hungry for more war – hence – more death.

How did Gazan eyes – still crusted in mud and blood –see this?

This isn’t about Iran. Iran hasn’t invaded another country in over a century. The same couldn’t be said about Israel – or the U.S., for that matter.

Iran, today, has influence in the region, yes; but that’s because the U.S. destroyed Saddam Hussein and his regime – and by doing so, sent the Sunni minority into the political wasteland – and empowered the region’s Shi’a majority.

Iran just sat back – and said, ‘Thank you!’

Today, Iraq and Iran is a Shi’a belt.

So now – let us begin a new war, suggests Netanyahu.

“Don’t worry! Everything will be fine.”